April 28, 2017

Just Some Photos


You can click on them to view them full size.

I hope you have a lovely weekend cuz life is simply grand once you strip away the junk....

Lilacs at front door, taken this afternoon
Come in....
Entry way 

around the little pond :mountain pinks and roses taken this afternoon

The Little  2016 vacation in  Rome
Big pond, taken this afternoon
This is my view from my back porch. I love seeing the water.


  1. Simply beautiful pictures.
    I can only imagine how those Lilacs smell...intoxicatingly delicious.
    Sweet young lady, a beautiful big smile.
    The pond view is enchanting.
    Have yourself a wonderful fun-filled weekend.

  2. What wonders surround you, my lovely lady, thank you for sharing your world with us, sweet Annie !

    May your weekend be blessed with joy,
    sending all my love to you

    XOXO Dany

  3. Life is simply grand once you strip away all the junk... I'm gonna remember that. It seems there's a lot of junk in my life right now. Thank you!

  4. Love all your photos. I absolutely love lilacs! I felt a little bit of jealousy creeping in to think you see those beauties so close! Your entry way arrangement is so inviting. Such a pretty place you live in. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Oh how pretty!!!! Thank you for sharing, smiles.

  6. Stopping by to visit is always a lovely way to start my day !
    Thank you , you talented lady !
    Be well !


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