May 23, 2017

Day Book Entry....

Simple Woman's Day Book

Looking out my window

The day is gray, 65F, rain puddles everywhere

I am thinking

About tonight. Dinner with my girls for Pretty Little Liars
The show is in the home stretch after all these years! 

I am thankful

To have something to look forward to
and that I feel pretty okay today.

Unthankful for:

Comcast which is as slow as dial up today!

One of my favorite things

rainy days and a cup of hot tea or coffee... 
Gevalia for coffee and Barry's Irish for tea
if you enlarge this you will see the lighthouse in the
You can see the water takes on the gray of the sky. sorry for poor quality of this photo.

I am creating

a clean, comfortable home.
I am wearing:  
 denim, lavender tee shirt that says "Jersey Shore", Puma running shoes

I am watching / listening to
Will be watching Pretty Little Liars with the girls tonight.
Listening to music from the 50's.. easy listening kind

I am learning:
 about myself and things I need to change

In my kitchen

Tonight will be Rigatoni with Ricotta cheese and tomato sauce

For dessert, chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting 

In my garden:
Rugosa or beach roses

beach roses come in white, pink and deep red/pink

Here is the bush. It is huge! One also grow up the chimney on the house

Shared Quote

Leave it to Dorothy 
A moment from my day

Laundry to fold

the older sheets look dingy to me in this photo. Not so much in person though. Hmmm.

Closing Notes

Search Results

 Try to be less severe in your judgement of yourself .

Others aren't judging you any where near as much as you judge yourself.


  1. Oh oh..your speaking to me about your last quote, smiles. I always enjoy your photos...there is just something about being close to the sea/shoreline.

    Have a beautiful day friend...(funny, I washed bedding yesterday, lol)

  2. Another lovely header...thank you !!!
    It sounds like you're having a most profitable day .
    Enjoy your many blessings , my friend !
    P.S. - maybe even Comcast will improve ?!?

  3. Love the Dorothy Parker quote! My daughter and grand daughters watch Pretty Little Liars like clockwork! I have to say that I am less than impressed with Comcast. My son has them here where I am staying and I understand that is the company I will be dealing with in my apartment. Sigh. Have a good day.

  4. Hi Annie, Loved your SWDB entry. My GTel provider isn't much faster and here in this little town it's the only cable, internet and phone service we can have. I miss my Direct TV. The beach roses are beautiful and you gave me an idea for dinner tonight. :) Have a day of blessings my friend.


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