May 18, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

on the island at Ship Bottom today

Outside my window... Sunny and warm afternoon on the Jersey coast.  87F and humid!

I am thankful... for the day and everything in it. 

In the garden... Wisteria is taking over the place! New vines all over!

I am listening to... Sponge Bob.. the Little is watching TV after school..and now silence as she just went out to play with the gang.

I am thinking...  about shopping that needs doing.

I am wearing.. Baby blue tee shirt, sneakers

I am creating... working on headers for the blog.
I am doing... I did some housework today and put away some laundry.

I am looking forward to... the rest of my life.

In my kitchen: I made and just finished eating a big salad.

Plantation Tan and white on walls (not my own bedroom)

Around the house...The walls are almost done with painting and the job needs to get finished.
I am painting the walls in the dining room and living room and my office  Behr's   Plantation Tan. So far I love it!
 Here it is in a bedroom scene.
My trim will be white as well.

One of my favorite things...  Gas Lamps on streets.

 A Place I want to visit:   Sante Fe, New Mexico, Taos NM

A moment from my day... sparkles on the bay:

 Quote to share: 
"Pride is an admission of weakness; it secretly fears all competition and dreads all rivals."
 Fulton J. Sheen
Carolina Herrera

Board room...  a picture from my pinterest boards:
 Carolina Herrera my all time favorite designer.
Find my pinterest  HERE. 


  1. Hi Annie, I enjoyed your post today. I added a few more pictures to my blog. I will do the simple book on Monday. I am going to be painting too. This house came with a color I have not ever liked. The house is too dark and it really looks bad when I take pictures. So I am going with a cottage white which will still offer a contrast to the white trim. I painted my bedroom a light grey the day after I moved in. Is that your actual bedroom? Can you see the ocean from your bedroom? How cool! Your headers are always so beautiful! Happy weekend. Hugs

    1. Hi Susan, no its not my bedroom. It was just a room I found painted with the Plantation tan color.
      I live by the bay. The ocean is across the island from me on the other side of the bay.
      I am glad that you like the headers :)

  2. Your words are inspiring, I need to paint, mostly outside windows, but always seem to have more pressing chores to attend.
    What a lovely calming color you have chosen for your bedroom.
    Living by the sea...a magical place to call home. Lucky duck :)

  3. What a lovely bedroom. Warm here in western NY as well, hubby had to put the window ac's in.

    Enjoyed your meme, Annie, thank you for the smiles.

  4. Wonderful header !
    One can almost smell the salt air...aaahhhh...
    Your photos are beautiful and inviting.You have a real gift !
    Enjoy your day , my friend !


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