May 28, 2017

Sunday Salon

A nice spring day after many days of rain and thunderstorms and a bit of coastal flooding to add a bit of drama to the mix, requires a bit of Sunday Salon to round out the week.
And a new recipe is posted (finally) at Rock & Roll Cafe.

Time: 3:30PM

Scene My office... a third bedroom in my house which I broke through to the living room.
An Ikea Kallex bookcase separates it from the entry way now.
My phone keeps going off with warnings for coastal flooding.. ugh.

 Today's Plan: Work on my blog, some painting, perhaps attempt washing the floors. Washing the floors is a huge job for me since I am disabled and not able to bend, lift or twist. I have to be really careful.

Drinking Gevalia coffee. The Swedes make it and Nordic people love their coffee!

Listening to: Seagulls, birds,breezes ruffling the some plants and trees, tubular wind chimes outdoors, glass chimes tinkling in the window.

Reading/Watching: I began to watch All for Love on the Hallmark channel until I realized it was just a repeat and not the sequel. I missed the sequel and want to see that. I turned off the TV and came to the computer. I will probably watch some documentaries on YouTube.

 Pondering  The life I live.
 I get so many comments on the beauty of where I live that it gave me pause. Do I appreciate it enough?  I think I do.

 I live in a very small house in great need of work. Hurricane Sandy did a number on it and there is still work to be done. I am proud that I keep the place neat, orderly and clean most of the time.
 I follow the McDonald's concept of cleaning up as you go and it pays off big time. This can be hard if my spine hurts but I do it anyway. Just ask my friend Katy who comments here. She is a neighbor and knows its true.

I am a block from water if I walk through the woods.
The bay is within walking distance for me.
I would never want to be directly on the water.   As close as I am is dangerous enough when nor'easters or hurricanes come. The bay can get huge waves during a serious storm.
Taxes on beach front homes are enormous as well.

A system of creeks surround me and drain into the bay. They are filled with otter, mink, deer , bobcat and other critters.
The bay is a good source of blue shell crab.

I am blessed to live here because I love the ocean/bay and have since I was a child.
I love the scent of the ocean and the cedars and pines.

However, I have learned that no matter where you live there is beauty all around you if you just look.
In a town ,in a city, in the mountains, desert, by the ocean, it doesn't matter. There is beauty in the place , the sky , nature and the people who live there.

Here are some photos taken this week in my neighborhood along the bay.
As always click on them to enlarge to full size.
All photos taken on the same day with my phone which is a Nexus 5X, Android 7.1.2.

All this gravely sand was brought in after Sandy to replace our beautiful white sugar sand.  In time the sugar sand will return  :)

Out shopping

neighborhood gazebo


  1. As always, I just love a glimpse of your area. I agree with you that can find beauty anywhere. You just have to look. You don't have to look far to see it at your cottage! Have a blessed evening.

  2. I'm a day late in apologies. I enjoyed your meme, and yes, beauty is all around us. Not many will stop and appreciate it, I am afraid.

    Have a beautiful day friend, our small town has a parade and a wreathe laying ceremony at the memorial this morning, one of my husbands Marine buddies dad was nominated to lay the wreathe. Then we are off to the next town over for a picnic with my husbands cousin and her family.

  3. P.S. I always love the changes you make serene and lovely. smiles

  4. Good Morning , my friend!
    I'm delighted to be your neighbor!
    Love the header and the very true.
    Your home,as always,
    looks lovely-testament to your diligence,despite
    pain and physical limitations.
    Have a wonderful holiday !
    BBQ ???

  5. Annie, I enjoyed hearing more about your life, where you live, and what it is like to live there. I can imagine that all those storms do wreak such havoc on your home and the beach area, so sad that all that sand got washed away, but time is a healer of all things, it seems. Be careful with your back, it must be hard to see things that need to be done and know you shouldn't do them. Thank you for showing the beautiful skies and beach, I enjoyed that so much. Have a blessed and lovely day, I hope the storm warnings don't materialize!

  6. Hi Annie, currently in Las Vegas at my son's time share. We have been enjoying the pool and the many activities here. You are blessed to live by the water. Hubby and I want to get a spa for our backyard. Happy Memorial Day!

  7. Excellent point about beauty being everywhere if you just look for it!

  8. I believe that's true, Annie. I used to say that I hated the desert, but John has made me appreciate it more. I can't say I love it as much as he does, but it does have it's beauty ;)

    I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend, my friend.


    1. The desert is amazing. The colors are beautiful and the changes in season can be so dramatic


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