May 30, 2017

Tuesday Rain

Scotch broom is pretty and has a sweet scent to it but it does make a mess in the pond as the blossoms fade and fall.
Still, I love how it looks after the rain has bent it over as if it is bowing down and the petals that float around aren't hard to clean up and look so pretty anyway.

Coastal flooding continues and my yard is a soggy swampland.
My roof is leaking.. darn it but the reflections in the puddles and pools of water are glorious and make it worth everything.
Rain makes me want to go fishing.  I remember a very happy time  standing in a stream in Maine fishing for trout in the rain.  Oh, what a wonderful day that was despite the fresh bear tracks on the shore.
Tonight is pizza and PLL with the girls. yes!
What are you doing today?


  1. Lovely photo...the Scotch Broome is such a nice accent to your beautiful pond.What happy big now .
    Yesterday was spent tidying up a bit in the garage...unearthed Mom's Cuisinart DC7 and more attachments than I remembered...have to find the stem for the discs so I can sell it...sigh...
    Have a wonderful day,my friend!

  2. It rained here in western NY too...we didn't do much yesterday, nor today/Wed. My son has to work at the library and he will pick more books up for me. We might take a ride over to the cemetery as my husbands remaining uncle was suppose to place something on each of the three graves.

    Have a beautiful day, friend.


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