May 2, 2017

Victorian Life
Bathroom time

With voluminous skirts and layer upon layer of underthings, as well as hoops and cages,  how in the world did Victorians use the toilet?

 Here is the answer.


  1. I watched this video just a few days ago, an I enjoyed it so, so much, thank you for sharing it here today, darling Annie !

    Wishing you a great remainder of your week,
    sending much love to you

    XOXO Dany

  2. Oh my...finally an answer to what I was wondering all these years, giggling. Thank you Annie for the smiles and the unintended fits of giggles. smiles

  3. Haha, this is cute! Thanks.

  4. You are a veritable font of useful information !!!
    Interesting,that today's brides are facing the same challenges with the same solutions.
    Enjoy this beautiful day in comfort,my friend...

  5. Wow--the problem was solved so easily! lol How are you Annie? It was nice to visit you again today!

  6. Thank you for your prayers! I added you to my prayer list too Annie, and pray every day for you, I have always wondered how the got the job done! Lol

  7. I hadn't even wondered how... but glad I know now! 😉

  8. HA! I never knew how people didn't understand this. In fact, when I got married, they tried to tell me how to use that toilet and I told them I already knew. They were shocked! LOL Cute video :)

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend, my friend.


  9. Fascinating, in a strange sort of way! I love the Victorian fashions and would love to experience them but sure don't think I could live in them day to day. At least this question is finally answered! Thanks, Annie.


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