June 10, 2017

5 Senses

Toni had a 5 senses meme on her blog.

I thought I would join in making a few alterations as I can't just stop at 5 things for 5 senses.

I love the smell of
Salty air , salt marshes
Balsam fir, pine amd cedar trees on the breeze.
scented candles
new car

salt marsh by my home

I love the taste of :
Crispy Fried Tomatoes
Iced Tea with lemon on a hot day
Potatoes and Cabbage
Russian style stuffed cabbage (I will post the recipe soon on Rock & Roll Cafe)
Homemade pie

I love the sight of:
the sea in all its forms
twinkling fairy lights
gas lamps
bunches of violets
a clean orderly house
a rainy day
Winter storms (You should see the bay during a big snow storm.. very cool especially when the bay freezes over. You know it has to be icy cold for that!)
Winter storm in my yard

I love the feel of:
a freshly made bed
the ocean and a sandy beach
soft breezes or stiff winter wind
warm earth under bare feet
a warm sweatshirt on a chilly day
warm coats and hats in winter


  1. What an interesting exercise...
    we seldom get to ponder these things
    and yet they are so much a part of who we are.
    I'd add the smell of my heavy-scented tea rose and fresh-baked bread,
    the sound of a baby's belly laugh and Gabby's purr,the sight of babies-
    two-and four-legged,the touch of very smooth things-like highly polished wood and the inside of some shells and satin,the taste of a tree-ripened peach!
    Be well,my friend...thank you for your friendship!!

  2. I love your meme, smiles...and I agree with all of it, smiles. Thanks Annie for the smiles...have a beautiful SONday friend.

  3. I sure do agree on many of your favorites. To me, a scent or a song can bring back memories of long, long ago. I enjoyed your answers! Have a blessed day.

  4. Happy Sunday Annie. I love how you added to the 5 senses. I too love the smell of canles and perfume. Also liked the photos you added too. Love your new "clothesline" header. What a neat idea. Have a day of blessings my friend.

  5. What a neat idea to think about! I loved reading all the things that bless your senses... so much beauty in the world around us that we do need to stop and think about what is so beautiful in our world. Your blog is a lovely place to visit :)

  6. Your little slice of your neighborhood is sweet indeed!


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