June 7, 2017

Daybook.. a journal of life by the sea

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out of my window:

Rugosa or beach rose is still partially in bloom. A few days ago it was covered with blossoms.

Rugosa with wisteria tendril photo bombing...

I am thinking:

About friends and family

One of my favorite things:

feet in sand and salt water, gulls talking overhead

I am wearing 

A T shirt that says "Run Like It's Midnight"
from the Little's Elementary school production of Cinderella.

I am creating

A clean organized laundry room.
Shelves need painting.
I need to organize the shelves better but since I can't lift anything I will need to corral a volunteer! ;)
The walls need to be painted as well.
I think the basket should be white.

a tiny back room in need of paint , new flooring and neater shelves.One wall lacks sheet rock!

I am watching

Saw PLL with girls last night.
The series if almost over and we still have no idea who AD is!!!

I am reading:

The Island by Elin Hilderbrand.
Takes place on Tuckernuck Island off Massachusetts and is about a family that comes together with happy endings!
It is my third time reading it.
I really need to get to Barnes and Noble and buy books!

on the night stand

I am listening

To birds and children playing. Boats on the bay.

In the garden:

Wisteria has overgrown the big pond. The waterfall is choked by Peppermint and the Scotch Broom needs serious pruning.
The fish have unpotted a reed that can be seen floating around in the photo.

I am learning

About some authors and their writing.

In the kitchen:

Made homemade taco seasoning for last night's dinner.
Shared a recipe for Strawberry Champagne Cake on Rock & Roll Cafe.. my other blog.

Shared quote

A moment from my day

about to sit down and play for a while

Post Script:

Stop listening to yourself.
Stop and hear God for a change.
His words are in his book.
Read it.. believe it.. do it.


  1. What an amazing, wonderful post you're sharing today, darling Annie, and thank you also for the lovely header you've created, you're truly an artist, sweet friend !

    Hope you're having the best of weeks,
    I'm sending blessings across the many miles,
    with all my love

    XOXO Dany

  2. Really beautiful thoughts and perspective indeed, many thanks for sharing as it hits home. Warm greetings!

  3. Wait, you have another blog? (giggling)---loved this post...thank you for the smiles.

    1. I have 3 of them Linda. This one, a cooking blog and a political/environmental blog

    2. 4 an art blog too. hehehe

  4. I do so enjoy beginning my day here !
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos...
    so lovely !
    Enjoy your day,my friend!

  5. I am learning a greater appreciation for you and all that you do. Just noticed that you have several other blogs...and that you are a very gifted woman! This was lovely today. Very calming. Praying for your back to be strengthened and healed. Have a blessed and peaceful day, my friend.

  6. I'm going to try your Champagne strawberry cake recipe, as soon as I can, it simply sounds delicious !
    We all seem to be painting one thing or another this past week, we painted my little potting shed yesterday, it looks so much better for a new coat of paint.
    I need to do my laundry room :)
    Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts and pictures.

  7. Enjoyed your daybook!! Hope you have a great weekend!!


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