June 23, 2017

Friday Foto Friends..
Haiku and Photos #2

Japanese haiku poetry and photos for Friday Foto Friends.

In A Temple Garden :
"The old pond is silent;  now the hop of a frog
plumbs the evening stillness...
haiku by basho

On a Child's Passing
"Alas, how far beyond recall today,
My little hunter of dragonflies, you stray"
Haiku by Chiyo

The Rainstorm 
"The downpour prickles on the pond,
so sharp It hits the heads
of shallow floating carp." 
haiku by Shiki

My Pond on a rainy day. Goldfish, comets and Shebunkin are Carp.

" How still it is!
The belfry's vibrant chime
does not so much as
stir the cherry-blooms"
haiku by Fuhaku
( photo: st.catherine's church, spring lake NJ)


  1. Beautiful photos...beautiful poetry !
    Amazing how so few words convey an entire thought !
    Thank you !
    Love this header...in all its seasons
    Be well , my friend

  2. I enjoyed the verses for each picture!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh how pretty...love the sound of rain...speaking of which, the skies look like they want to open up here in western NY. Smiles

    Hope you have a lovely day friend.

  4. Hi Annie; Beautiful photos and I love the Haiku poetry along with them. Love the stormy rainy video too. Your new header is amazing. Have a blessed day and weekend my friend.

  5. Beautiful...the fotos and the poetry! Thanks so much for sharing at FFF....and I LOVED seeing your pretty face show up in the link-up!

  6. What awesome photos and the verses are perfect for them!


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