June 12, 2017

House Colors

Here is my little house with my idea of improvements added.

Using Photoshop I added the porch which I dream of having.

In the foreground is the tiny pond. The big pond is out back.
You can see it is a tiny house, about 1080 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, living room, laundry room,1 bathroom, kitchen , dining room.
With a full family we learned to get in the bathroom and out quickly!  No dawdling with only one bathroom.

I am thinking of painting the house green with deep red shutters and door.  What do you think?

 In future, I am thinking of painting after my soffits and gutters are repaired.
 Below is a photo of a color scheme I like quite a lot.
So... what do you think? Are these colors nice for my little house? Or do you hate it?
Got any other ideas?
What does your house look like? Will you share?


  1. I've never thought of those colors for a house, but I love the picture. If that's what you like, go for it!!!

  2. Good Morning !
    Amazing what you can do with Photoshop!!
    The alterations would be terrific
    and that color scheme makes an elegant statement .
    Follow your heart,my friend!

  3. I love it...and I would sit on that porch all day, smiles. Do you really want to see our house (giggling)---I will post it sometime this week, smiles. Our landlady lives upstairs---she has her apartment and we have ours, also one bathroom, but we get the basement and backyard, smiles. It use to be big house until her dad died and she split into to two big apartments, smiles. The house is olddddddddd.

  4. P.S. - Your header for today is one of my favorites!
    I'd love to live there!!

  5. I just love front porches! I do love your idea! I would be out there all day! The green color you want to paint is fabulous! I will try to post a pic of our house. I wanted to let you know Annie, that I am closing my blogger account... opened a new one on Wordpress that I hope you will come to visit. Here is my new address.... http://homelifelovejoy.wordpress.com. Please come to visit

  6. Beautiful! Your home looks like a very happy and warm one Annie. I love both the idea of the porch and the house colors. I have always wanted a porch but alas living in an apartment in a big complex it's no go. Have a day of blessings dear friend.

  7. Oh, I love how you added the porch...and I do like the colors together. There's a house nearby that I always admire when we pass by. It's a blueish gray color with red shutters...so pretty! I grew up in a very small house with only 1 bathroom for 4 of us. ;-)

  8. Your house is adorable! I like the porch and I hope you can someday have it. The green color is wonderful. Neighbors down the street in Florida repainted their house that color and I loved it! It made me smile every time I saw it! You have some lovely ideas for your home.

  9. I have always wanted a porch and now I am getting one. I have pictures at my blog of what we are doing. I like the colors you chose. My house is small too and a change from the larger two story.

  10. I love the new color scheme...and by all means add the porch! That would be lovely. I also love your ponds...you live in a beautiful area. So interesting and peaceful. Thank you for sharing!


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