June 19, 2017

Monday Afternoon at the Beach

Beach weather today.
Its 77F, 83% humidity but severe thunderstorms are on the way.
Let's get some beach time in and then run home to the bay side before the storms come.

Kick off your shoes and leave them here.
The sand on the other side is deep and makes it hard to walk in flipflops.
No one will bother them... Come on.. follow me.

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This is on the other side of this little dune:

This photo is by Irving Anderson who takes much better photos than I do!
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on the way home
(no that's not my house.. I wish though)
Thanks for coming along.
We are home in time for supper and just in time as the sky is getting angry and dark with the approaching thunderstorms.
Wind is picking up quite a lot too. It's nice to be safe inside.
Coastal flooding warnings are up.


  1. Hi Annie! Thank-you for taking me to the beach with you! I had a great time. Such beautiful pictures. I hope the weather is not as bad as they make it sound. Be safe!


    1. The weather here did not get very bad. Farther inland and in North Jersey it may have but here on the shore it was not too bad at all. Just a thunderstorm heard really in the distance.

  2. Good Morning Annie! Enjoyed our beach walk! Yes, that was quite a storm yesterday. Many areas here lost power, we were ok, with only flickering of ours. The heavy rain destroyed some of our flowers.

  3. Oh wow...just plum lovely...smiles. Thanks Annie, it was dark and stormy Sunday and yesterday too. smiles

  4. Oh, mercy, what a beautiful place to live. And, thank you for the visit to the beach because it's been many years for me. We keep saying "this year" then it never happens. :( I have to live vicariously through others sometimes. LOL

    1. PS...that header painting...simply WOW! You are so talented.

    2. Thank you so much.

  5. Aaahhhh...
    so nice to be with you at the beach !
    I've been too busy to go lately , despite its siren call.
    LOVE the header...want to live there...
    want to drift off to sleep and gently awaken
    to the sound of waves lapping against the dock
    and the lines against the flagpole...
    Thank you,my friend!!
    be well...

  6. AAAhhhh... the sand feels so wonderful under my feet Annie :) Thanks for inviting me to be there with you through photos and the photos are great. We had those horrible storms yesterday too. driving rain, high wind and hail along with thunder and lightening. Some damage and many lost electricity. Thank goodness it passed. But the heat and humidity didn't. Have a blessed day ahead my friend.

  7. Hi Annie, lovely pictures. So different than the crowded Ca beaches. I am going tomorrow with my daughter and my grands. Got all the gear. Looking forward to having my feet in the warm sand. May collect shells too!

    1. We get crowded here too once the tourists are back!

  8. I loved coming along with you on the beach today! It looks like a perfect day. Glad we made it back inside before the storms! Hope you didn't get any flooding where you are. I love your header picture...it amazes me that you paint these pictures. They are so beautiful! You have such talent! I enjoyed the walk with you. Thank you for the invitation.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. You're very kind.
      No flooding this time! It wasn't as bad as predicted for us.
      I am happy you could come along :)


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