June 2, 2017

Random Peeks into My Life

Welcome to Friday Foto Friends hosted by Debbie and a little glimpse into my life.

Us, together in the evening 

My pink helmeted baseball girl

Where the creek enters the open bay

Kitchen window

A neighbor  

looking out the office window
Afghan in progress

all ready for a meal

It was a stormy week

Family buffet dinner

Blurry sunset


  1. Happy Friday Annie, Love glimpsing into your life. Your photos are wonderful! I can't pick a favorite one as I enjoyed them all. Love your new header. You are truly a talented artist. Have a day of blessings my friend.

    1. Thanks Toni, I appreciate it. :)

  2. Oh my! that was lovely! I feel as though I've been right there with you as you shared your home and lovely vistas with us. I love your kitchen window...that always tells me something about the heart of the woman who stands there day after day, preparing meals for her family, washing the dishes, and enjoying the beauty of her surroundings in the midst of the mundane chores. It is a kind of window into the soul of the woman! Then there was the office window...and I thought..."How can she get anything done in that office with that lovely window to look out?" But it also made me want to move my computer to a different location in my house so that I could enjoy the view while I work as well...something to ponder as I sit in a dark corner with no view in sight... Love your table setting, buffet, afghan, family, seashore, "neighbor", sunset, all of the above...thank you. I've enjoyed this visit tremendously! Can you tell? Have a blessed day, my friend. I feel like I know you better now...

  3. Ok, I'm moving in, giggling. Oh how lovely, Annie...thank you for bringing me smiles. Keeping you in prayer, my friend.

  4. Love seeing the glimpses into your world and your home. The Buffet looks wonderful! I'm not sure much would be accomplished with a view like that out the office window.

  5. You are a talented artist who sees beauty and grace in the seemingly mundane!!!
    In a troubled world,this reminder is desperately needed and appreciated.Thank you !!!

  6. Enjoyed all the photos. I must say, all little girls should have a pink baseball helmet! The blurry sunset was gorgeous, God gives us so much beauty to enjoy. AND, I loved looking out your kitchen window.

  7. I love posts like this, where I get a glimpse into other people's lives. What a sweet little girl in her pink helmet!!! So precious! Thanks so much for sharing your fotos and linking up each week...HOPE you have a great weekend.

  8. Great pictures. The afghan is pretty and so is the beach and sunset. Have a great weekend.

  9. I absolutely loved seeing glimpses into your life and its a beautiful one at that. I'd so love to see more of your home. I know I would be enchanted :)

    I hope you have a glorious weekend, my sweet friend.


  10. I loved your glimpse into your home and life. I just adore that Old Country Roses pattern! Your blanket in progress is so pretty. Have a blessed weekend.


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