July 4, 2017

Fouth of July

Happy Fourth of July!
Don't forget to read the Declaration of Independence today.
It was always an American tradition to do so and has been put aside today by so many.
Don't do that. Start the tradition in your family and keep it going!
I am proud to say my family were here for the Revolutionary War and fought with the patriots alongside  the great George Washington.

It would be wonderful to spend the 4th in Boston! The Boston Pops orchestra does the 1812 overture complete with real cannon fire! 

4th in Boston along the Charles River. Photo:unknown source

Yesterday was spent on the beach at the bay enjoying the breezes. There is a cove  right by me where very few go.
These photos are taken with my Android phone.



I took a movie of the fireworks at night but it came out that I actually just somehow filmed my feet!  Yeah.. I know, dumb.

What did you do Fouth on July  4rth?


  1. Boy...wait, did Christie free the beaches (giggling, isn't he a piece of work? more giggling). We went to the parade, hubby BBQ'ed and then we went to the fireworks at 10 pm. Peaceful day, friend. smiles

    I enjoyed your photos, always do. smiles

    1. the only beach closed was at Island Beach State park .. its on the pennisula/island across the bay from me but it is the 'state' beach which is maintained by the state of NJ.
      The other beaches in the state and we have hundreds of miles of them, are town owned.
      Each town owns the beach on their coastline and so those beaches are not effected at all.
      My town owns its own section of beach on the bay and on the ocean too. They are free to residents.

  2. I LOVE your header picture...you are such a gifted lady! Even if you don't know how to take videos of fireworks and end up with pictures of your feet...the painting is the best. And the photos on the cove are just lovely. What a delightful, peaceful setting. Thank you for sharing it with us!! God Bless America!!

    1. Oh, thank you so much Pamela. Much appreciated.
      It is a peaceful place to be sure.
      Amen.. God bless it and us all.

  3. I used to tie the laces of my Keds just like that, Annie! How funny :)

    I've been busy catching up with you. I loved the post about your dad and the decor post and so many more. I also love that you're showing more of your darling home :)



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