July 7, 2017

Inside and Out

Friday Foto Friends

Friday Foto Friends is here once again and I am linking with Debbie the hostess of the project.

Here are some random photos I took inside the house and out.

The kitchen is usually pretty clean but it is falling apart.
Still you can take nice photos and see that it might not be as bad as you think!
It has nice natural cherry cabinets and I like them a lot but the oven is broken :(.
Stove top works though so thats good and since I can't bend the oven is useless to me anyway.
I've been wondering about getting a convection oven. And I have learned to make even cake and meatloaf in an electric skillet!
The countertops are awful. The sink is rusting on the sides and listing to one side and needs replacing. Can't afford it though.
I am preparing the walls for paint.
 On the cabinet to the left of the oven(above photo), you can see stickers on the door.
The Famous Anonymous kid put them there when she was little.
I love them..they will stay forever.
The orange pots on the stove were my Mom's. They are cast iron from Belgium.
I still have her Osterizer blender from 1962 and it works really well.
My Dad's weed eater was bought in the 60's as well and still going strong.

 In the photo below you see the little dining area of the kitchen.
The old opening for the coal stove is a problem to cover.
 I am using a paper plate covered in heavy paint right now. The opening behind it is filled with aluminum foil etc.
I know they sell covers and I need to get one, but, it always looks funny. It would be better if I just installed a wood stove but, can't afford that.
The chairs on the sides will be painted black I think and I will recover them.
They were from a French country table and chair set I once had.I still have the chairs.
In the center of the buffet is my Samovar. My daughter got it for me from Russia.

Here is my front walk taken from the front door.
You can see all the weeds that need pulling.  I can't do it though bacause my spine is fused and I can't lift, bend or twist.
I need to round up some help.

 Below is the creek by my house.
The Little is a good swimmer.

 Word to the Wise:
When hard circumstances don't change, it may be because God is hoping those circumstances will change you before he changes the circumstances!


  1. Morning Annie, Enjoyed going through your home. I think a convection oven is a good idea. I have been known to make a meatloaf in my microwave when my oven was on the blink in my old apartment. Love your Samovar it's beautiful and your word to the wise is right on. Have a day of blessings my friend.

  2. Oh my! First off, let me say I LOVE your kitchen and dining room and the beautiful view by the river...and that Samovar is exquisite. You see the flaws, we see the beauty...I know, because we don't live there and have to deal with the imperfections. I love the quote at the end of your post...Yes, oftentimes God is working through our difficulties and imperfections and frustrations to bring change to our hearts...my post today is kind of like that in a round about way... I do pray that you will get the help you need to fix the things that can be fixed, and that also the Lord will bring healing to your spine and give you strength to do what you can and need to do each day. You are an amazing woman...the gift of artistry is so marvelous...and it blesses us to see such talent that God has given you. Thank you for sharing with us and opening your heart and home to us today. I love the orange pots, btw!! Yes, a countertop convection oven might be a good answer for you. Praying that somehow that will be possible! Have a blessed day!

  3. You have a lovely kitchen. Love the creek, it must be nice to sit and look at it, there just seems to be a calming effect for me with water.
    Visiting from Debbie's Friday Foto Friends.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with the ladies'comments above !
    Abundant blessings to you,my friend!
    Your header is wonderful...the lavender in it
    reminds me of my own...now the gleeful property of
    many happy bees!
    Be well...

  5. Oh how pretty....I loveeeeeeeeeeee your kitchen, smiles. Thanks for sharing, Annie. Have a beautiful day, friend.

  6. Love the orange pot on your stove. I'd love sitting by that creek. Beautiful!

  7. I love seeing photos of your home. The kitchen looks so vintage and I think that is neat. It is too bad about the oven but, as you said, you can do without. Even if things are needing repair, it must be wonderful to look around you and see your home with all its memories! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I always enjoy seeing other's homes. I'm so sorry about your back problems. Our daughter has steel rods fused to her spine and has a lot of back pain. Hope you can afford some help soon. If I lived close by I'd pull the weeds! Love your header...as always. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Annie! I love you photos! Your kitchen is stunning, it reflects your beautiful personality! I know you are in terrible pain, and doing what is easiest for us, well that's what we must do! Have you tried crockpots? But they are also heavy. Have a good weekend, and that's for a look into your beautiful home!


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