July 24, 2017

Rainy Days and Sunshine

Thunder and lightning ended the day yesterday but all in all we had a great day.

These are chickens of the sea. Famous for their 'tuna' taste.(just kidding.. remember Chicken of the Sea tuna?)
The bay is on either side of us... behind the chickens and in front of them too.

This morning's stormy skies

This morning there was some rain and dark skies.
Last night  ended with a dinner of Ziti Bolognese and that is always a nice way to end the day.

Last night's dinner table

Today's weather


  1. Very pretty table setting, a very nice way to enjoy a meal. I've never heard of chickens that taste like tune...WoW !!

    1. I was just kidding Mary and referring to the Chicken of the Sea brand of tuna. ;)

  2. Our skies look about the same....it sure came down over night and about an hour ago. It is frigging humid out...ick, ick...I ought not complain, really.{{big smiles}}

    Its always a pleasure to visit here. smiles

  3. We have several roadside places that have chickens running around. Hubby guesses that they were dumped, but they get lots of snacks from passersby. How nice to eat out once in a while!

  4. Love your "Chicken of the Sea"! So funny. Glad your storms are over. We've had a few lately too, but it is sunny and bright today. Love your table. Looks so inviting. What time is dinner? Hope your day is blessed!!

  5. Fun photos !
    Isn't it interesting how intense the colors are on a grey day .
    Thanks for all you do...
    always feel so very welcome here !


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