July 14, 2017

The City
friday foto friends

Joining in Friday Foto Friends with Debbie our gracious hostess.

 I    am not far from New York City (78 miles to be exact) and even closer when we take a sea ferry to the city.
In New Jersey when you say 'the city' you either mean New York City or Philadelphia depending on which end of the state you come from.
I am closer in mileage to Philly but there are no major roads going there. It is mostly old rural roads from here. But there are major roads to NYC and by sea ferry it is a short trip though extremely expensive.
The sea ferry will also take you from NYC to Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard.

As a kid I lived in a town 20 mins outside the city and used to go in all the time to hang out in the book stores like Brentano's or visit the museums.
 New York City is one of the safest cities in the USA despite the old rumors. It isn't at all what people imagine.
Rudy Guiliani cleaned it up in a major way.
I don't think a month would be enough time to do and see all the city has to offer in the way of museums, parks,entertainment,food,  and shopping.
If you go to the city be sure to try to attend a program at the Metropolitan Opera and a broadway show. It will jack up the price of the trip a lot but it is a lovely time.
My daughter works in the city which is a major commute for her but the pay is big and worth it.
Here are some photos taken by my daughter on one of our trips in for the day.

Russian Tea Room  See the Samovars on the wall?
 I love Russian food.

NY Skyline on way home

If we go to see the opera and a play we sometimes stay the night. I like the Plaza because  I am Eloise .
Yes, I am. No, really.....Sigh, okay, okay. I just like her a lot.
 My daughter and I went into the city to see Phantom of the  Opera and La Boheme at the Met and visit a few of the museums.
I love the opera but go rarely as it is just so expensive.
But the music makes me dream ,the sets makes me cry they are so beautifully done and I get to wear an evening gown. What could be better?

 This photo I found online very similar to the suite my daughter and I had.

this chandelier is huge.
 It takes months to save up for the opera or a show and the Plaza. Months!
We had a nice room over looking the park but, it was not available for some reason, so we were upgraded free to a luxurious suite of rooms with a marble bath.
Of course I am now spoiled for life and it is impossible to live with me.

PS.... if you ever have a photo you think is a throw away, ie too dark, too something and would like me to fix it for you in Photoshop I would be happy to do so for you. (no I don't charge anything. just as a favor)
Many photos can be saved that way and made nicer than you thought.  Just let me know.


  1. We are almost 5 hours west of NYC and 5 hours northwest of Philly (and 6 hours to DC, just saying, LOLOL). I have always wanted to visit the Russian Tea Room. I don't know about NYC being the safest right now...I think the current mayor has done some major damage...just my opinion. I have read the crime rates have gone up. Sad to say.

    What lovely photos, my friend. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day.

  2. There is something to be said for the experience of feeling like a princess .
    So glad it happened for you and wish it happens repeatedly in the future!
    The photos are the stuff of dreams....thank you!
    Enjoy the day and be well,my friend!

  3. Oh Annie, how I envy you. I would love to be able to go to New York and back to the Metropolitan to see an opera again or to as Broadway show and museums. Now my seat at the opera and shows is right in front of PBS. You brought back many memories with your photos and I loved taking your photo trip to the City. Thank you for that my friend.

  4. Cities are so exciting. I lived in Liverpool when I went to banking college, my grandma was born there, and we travelled there every Monday to bank her weeks proceeds from her bakery.
    So many things to see, and so much art and history.
    I would love to visit New York in the near future, not just fly from its airports.
    Thank you for sharing your pictures, they are so inspiring.


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