August 31, 2017

A Thankful Thursday

Joining in for Thankful Thursday

So, what am I thankful for?
I am probably not as thankful as I should be and there are so many things I forget to be thankful for but I am thankful that I came home from the hospital and that things can be done to manage my heart problems.

I am thankful for fanily who stand by me through good and bad and inbetween, and friends who care.

Memories of times past are things to be thankful for:

As a little girl time spent shopping with my mother at Acme on Galloping Hill Road. Closed down now.

First apartment in Murray Utah. On Little Cottonwood Creek

my little girl visiting family back in Utah

Memories of  my dear friend passed on. Garfield lived 21 years, thankfully.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Oh, I love reading what others are thankful for. Garfield was such a beautiful cat. Tabbies are my favorite! Hope you're feeling lots better and your meds get adjusted soon. See you tomorrow for FFF!

  2. So enjoyed all your thankfuls!! I am thankful for you that your heart problems are under control, that's wonderful! I agree with Debbie, Garfield was a beautiful cat.

  3. Hope all will be well with your health. I love your thankful list and that you had your cat for 21 years. How wonderful!

  4. I am thankful for you, Annie...smiles

    1. aww, thanks honey. Reverse is also true!

  5. Many things to be thankful for there! Health and friends are true blessings. I found your link from Rebecca's linkup! :)

  6. 21 years? That's AMAZING. So hard to let fur babies go.
    Memories are a PRECIOUS thing always.
    Thanks for linking up with me.


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