August 24, 2017

It's Thursday... be Thankful!

Being grateful and thankful for all things heals the mind and the body,relieves stress and creates peace in the heart.
Cortisol, which creates fat and stress are far lower in thankful people.
Gratitude takes the mind off self and fights depression.  Science finds a definite link between thankfulness and good mental health.
When we are thankful we are less aggressive, have better self esteem and stronger mental abilities and resiliance.
If you want to be happy and healthy both physically and mentally, be thankful!

Being thankful for Summer:
  • Kid's laughing and playing outside
  • The sound of crickets and cicadas
  • soft hot breezes
  • the intense warmth of the sun on your body
  • The smell of salt water in the air
  • The scent of cedars and pines in the woods that float over the breeze
  • Birds singing
  • Pretty sunsets
  • Ice Cream, Italian Ice at road side stands
  • Swimming in the creek/ocean/bay
  • Greenery everywhere
  • Flowers
  • The sound of music floating along warm summer breezes
  • cookouts and picnics
  • Salads for supper
  • Iced Tea
  • gauzy cotton material
  • Meteor showers
  • Homes open and filled with guests
  • Fresh New Jersey corn and tomatoes
  • sitting by the water

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  1. Funny you say that - I've been researching about Cortisol & what it does to a body - no pretty.

  2. What a lovely post, Annie...(except for the Cortisol, wink). Oh how I would I love to live by the sea, smiles.

    Have a beautiful rest of this Thursday, friend. smiles

  3. No wonder we're friends...
    we share so many things to be thankful for .
    I'm thankful for you !


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