August 2, 2017

Rhythm of Summer

(original post: Aug. 2015)

Summer has its own rhythm, scents, atmosphere.

The air is thicker with humidity  and sweet with flowery scents.
It is alive with the sound of birds and buzzing insects.
Behind me: fish, otter, mink , deer and sea birds
The cicadas are loud!

On the pond the dragon flies are big enough to need an air strip for landing. They dive bomb sometimes and you must duck to avoid a collision.
The fish  play in the cool mornings and evenings among the plants, nibbling and pulling at them with their tiny teeth. In the late afternoon they will jump and catch a flying bug midair.

The wisteria is about to take over the yard as are the beach roses which  climb all over the place and probably due for a trim.
The Scotch Broom is no slouch either blooming itself into a frenzy.

On the hotter days the sun has felt good warming the growing bones in my back as I sit on the back porch and that is  a real bonus of summer.

Today Mr. Garden Snake slithered through the roses on his way to his wood pile. He was very disappointed...the fish are too big for him!
cheer practice for The Little
Chipmunks were scrambling out of his way even though he is really just a little guy and they out run him easily.
He has his own worries as we have so many big owls, marsh hawks and eagles out for a meal. 
Mr.Beaver aka the groundhog has been keeping a low profile during the hot days of August. The last time he came on the patio was just before my dear cat Garfield passed away.  Now, my dear little friend rests beneath the cedars in the back with the rest of his family who went on before.

Out front bunches of Black eyed Susans are multiplying much to my great delight and the miniature roses are beginning to bloom on the porch railing planters. Yellow, Red and lavender.
Famous Anonymous Kid our Lacrosse goalie
I have colleas and begonias to plant in another railing planter too. I love the riot of color they bring.

My girls and I are keeping up with Pretty Little Liars We watch and I make a special dinner and dessert on Tuesday nights.    What fun we are having.

Old time radio is still on a lot during the day.    I love it.

For the  young'uns  there is lacrosse practice in the early hours as the famous anonymous wants to play varsity now that she is in high school.(update: She is varsity now)
 The Little  is cheer leading for the young teams during the week and playing 'baseball' on a little team of 6 and 7 year olds.
She looks like me and it is disconcerting how much.
Most days are spent in the water and both swim very well.

How are you spending your days?


  1. Sigh, nothing like this, I am afraid to say...her, dealing with in-law drama, trying to get into a State University, painting the sitting room and reading way to many books, smiling. I, for one, am not a summer girl, I prefer fall/autumn with crisp fresh air, crinkly leaves and comfort food then winter with crunchy snow and very cold temps, hot chocolate etc. smiles

    I hope you have a beautiful day friend.{{{smiling}}}

  2. Your posts always evoke feelings of being in the place described !
    As a winter baby,I long for summer...while suffering through blue lips and nails,
    hiding under countless layers to keep warm.The summer is a time of freedom
    from the chill-driven restraints!This year's humidity,however,does give one pause...
    but not enough to swap it for snow!!!

  3. I love the poetry of this post...summertime memories, joys and seeing your "littles"...I guess I never realized you still had such "littles" at home! You are a busy mama!! Such beautiful pictures. You spoke of the sunshine warming your growing bones in your back...was your back surgery recent? I know you said you had a fusion. I continue to pray for your back to heal and that you will have the strength to do all the things you long to do...with the mobility to do them. My spinal fusion was in 2007. I thank the Lord for the healing He has done...and that I can walk and do pretty much anything I want within reason. I don't ride bikes or horses, however! LOL. Have a blessed day, my friend.


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