September 5, 2017

Still Rebuilding After 5 years!

Hurricane Sandy was 5 years ago now and this summer our town is just beginning to start some of the recovery in this section of town.
The crane and the bulldozer are there to shore up the land bridge and repair the damaged beaches.
This little road has bay on either side of it and directly ahead. A peninsula is what I mean to say. It was badly damaged by Sandy and this is where we love to go. Homes along this road are just this year up on stilts which are a major undertaking.
When homes stand in water the black mold etc make the house uninhabitable and they have to be torn down. Some had to do that. Others had to repair and rebuild parts of their homes It was in October and we had no electricity for a long time. It was freezing cold. I remember it very well sitting in the dark house bundled up in blankets to try to keep warm. Texas is still flooded. Imagine what they will have to go through. Keep up your prayers for their recovery.

If you are in the path of Irma.. Get out quickly. Do not wait!
Remember what Proverbs 22  teaches:  "The wise man sees trouble coming down the road and gets out of the way.  The fool passes on and will suffer for it."
Don't tempt God!

Depressing news.. but here are some pretty sunsets to counteract my Debbie Downer news.

I am participating in a month long meme. This is day 5 and here is the question and answer.

5. Where did all the kids "hang" in your hometown.
That depended on the neighborhood. Each one had a different place to go even though it is a tiny town.
Older kids could go to "Rec" on the weekends to dance.
Most hung out on the playgrounds of the elementary schools or the high school.

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  1. Has it been 5 years? Wow!! Has it been 5 years since we moved back here? Another wow...yes, black mold is nasty...


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