October 22, 2017

50's Diner in Blogland

Toni posts her adventure each week and if you aren't joining in, why not?
There is no excuse. It's fun, lets your imagination go free and gives you a good reason to look at other blogs.

The Cafe Diner

1.   While driving most of the night I spotted a cafe diner sign up ahead and decided to stop. From the outside it reminded me of an old-fashioned bullet trailer diner. Hungry and thirsty I parked the car, walked up the 2 steps to the door and opened it to find myself in Annie's Rock & Roll Cafe!
I was in the right place. The parking lot full of classic 50's cars was hard to leave but hunger drove me forward.
Inside the jukebox was playing Dream Lover by Bobby Darin and I saw Annie standing behind the counter talking to customers.

I had heard of the diner from her Rock & Roll Cafe blog and the reputation for good food was legendary. 
But you never know....

2.   Not sure of what to expect I decided to sit at a booth across from the counter anyway and to my surprise  it was cozy and comfortable and the view outside was nice. I also had a good view of the diner and it's 50's decor.
I felt like I'd stepped back into 1957!
 A big menu was wedged between the ketchup and salt and pepper shakers so I picked it up and began looking through the selection of foods.
The delicious scents in the diner were making me hungrier by the minute.

3.   One of the waitresses spotted me sitting in the booth mesmerized and came over to see if I was ready to order.
Was I ever!
"Its a big menu for sure. Have you decided or do you need more time?"she said pleasantly.
I ordered the big hamburger with pizza fries and a  cup of hot coffee.
I was eyeing the huge pies in the display counter and coveting a big piece for dessert.
Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream, Lemon Meringue, Coconut Cream.
Oh there is nothing like cream pies at  a diner!
She brought the order quickly. The burger looked delicious as did the cole slaw on the side.
The pizza fries were drenched in Italian sauce and covered over in melted mozarella cheese. I was  in heaven! 
Annie saw me sitting there savoring my cup of coffee and walked over to see me.

4.   Sitting down beside me she said "Hi,"she said "so happy you stopped by. Of course your meal is on the house."
Now that is how I like my meals... free. 
I signed up for the dance contest that weekend too.  Hey, I have my poodle skirt, cashmere sweater set , bobby socks and saddle shoes all set to go.

Well, friends the Rock & Roll Cafe is a blog but, not a real diner and exists only in my dreams. I would just love to make it real!


  1. Good one Annie. You practically took a page out of my life cause that's exactly how it was for me in 1957. Thanks.

  2. Did your version bring back memories of the diners in the 40's and 50's. They always served the best burgers and fries. Loved the jukeboxes on each table in the diner in my Bronx neighborhood when I was in my teens. Thanks for the memories and your wonderful version dear Annie. Have a blessed day ahead my friend.

  3. Your stories are wonderful !
    One feels in the midst of it all...
    Thank you !
    Hoping this morning fog burns off to a clear,
    cooler autumn day .
    Be well,my friend!

  4. Fun story Annie, it is fun to write and remininse ☺


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