October 23, 2017

A Monday Afternoon

Just a photo of the ocean.
Photo:Beach near me.

I had a CTA scan of my heart today at Jersey Shore University Medical Center so the
CTA scan of heart
surgeons can see where to repair when I have the procedure done on the 30th.
It is NJ's premier trauma hospital and it's very large. I had quite a hike to get to my destination.
Its so large they have carts to drive you from wing to wing.
The heart surgeon 's office messed up my appointment and didn't send my blood work to radiology so  there was a problem but it was finally straightened out and I was in and out in under an hour.
I was happy I was able to have it done without changing out of my clothing. I hate that.
I was happier still when we stopped for a take out coffee and roll. I had to fast for the test.

They injected a contrast dye through a catheter in my arm and I feel  kind of yukky now. You aren't supposed to feel bad but,  since it is a foreign substances inside your veins you do feel something. Some people feel things more acutely I think as well. I seem to be one of them.
I've had it injected before for contrast in MRI's. You can taste it, feel the heat from it and it makes you think you have to 'go' but you don't.  After you have it you must drink tons of water to flush it from you.
Results go to the doctor on Wednesday. He will use it as a road map for the procedure.
Sonogram a few weeks ago showed my arteries are clear which is very good 💗

 The drive home was lovely as all the trees are turning red and gold now.


  1. Keeping you in prayer.💗 My son had open heart surgery when he was 6, he had a hole in his heart and the aorta was flowing backwards(that's the gist of it,there's more, but you get it)...anyways, please take care, you are always in my prayers.

    My pre op is Friday, funny thing is I have already had everything done, all I need is the release from my reg. Dr. Something tells me they want more blood, blood suckers they are, wink. I'm just ready to get this done and feeling better (in 6-8 weeks).

  2. I absolutely agree that every body is different and reacts differently! I will keep you in my prayers that the procedure will go well. I love the beach shot--it doesn't matter where it is, I love the ocean!!

  3. Hi Annie, praying it all goes well. What do they have to do to your heart? I had a CT with contrast and I felt a fire! Urge to pee and just felt awful. My friends were with me and they said I was turning red and I felt a bit itchy. So they rushed me back in and had me drink lots of water while they checked me out. Mild allergic reaction. Sue hope I don't have that again! I just added lots of pictures to my blog on our latest Disney Adventure. Even I learned something new. Hugs

  4. You are,my friend,well wrapped in prayers by all those who love you...
    that all goes well for you,now and always!

  5. Praying your surgery goes well. I've had those injections too, and you do feel them!!

  6. Praying for you now, dear friend. I must have missed the post regarding what surgery you are having. I will go back and look again. I will be praying for you. I know that God is with you and you are in His hands... Rest up this afternoon and yes, drink lots of fluids. Just go ahead and baby yourself a little too. It's okay!!!

    1. i will have a heart ablation to help my heart beat more normally.
      Thanks for your prayers :)

  7. Your images reflect a good week. Like your organized drawers. I've been redoing mine. I start off organized and then after time they're a mess. I've been one by one empyting them, put in new liner, throw away some, organize the rest. Right now they're looking really good. Wonder if I can say that in a year!


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