October 30, 2017

Creative Adventures

Adventure Time compliments of my dear friend Toni!
I am in the hospital today for some heart alterations that are needed. God willing I will be home tomorrow as it is an over night procedure.
In the meantime, here is the adventure.  I hope you will join in.

I hope you will also take the time to read my post from yesterday. :)

The Sleepless Night


1.   Not being able to sleep this one night a few years back during Halloween, I twisted and turned in bed and turning toward the hallway I  saw that the Jack O'Lantern was still lit in the hall window. I was sure I blew the candle out. Oh well... better late than never.


2.   Rising from my bed I decided to walk to the kitchen after blowing out the cancle and get a cup of hot Sleepy Time tea. 
The night was chilly and blustery outside, the kind of night you are happy to be warm and cozy in the house.

3.   This is when I spotted a tall gnarly looking witch looking in my kitchen window!
I was so startled I nearly screamed!   I found myself shaking a bit.

4.   I was afraid that if I went outside I might run into something dangerous.
And when I heard scratching on the window I knew I didn't want to go out side at all.

 I wasn't really sure what to do. Being alone at night can be scary at times especially when you have a vivid imagination.
I tiptoed over to the sliding glass door in the dining area and peered out of the drapes.
The yard light was on now and I hoped I could see what or who was there.
I could not see from this angle. I would have to go to the back laundry room door and look out of the door window, something I was dreading. Whatever it was would be right there as it is next to the kitchen window!
I padded off to the laundry room and took a deep breath. "There is no help for it," I thought, "I must just do it! "
And do it I did!
And there stood the tall, gnarly fingered witch at my kitchen window!

She consisted of an old mop I was throwing out and a  dog cone that was going to  be trashed too. I had stuck the "cone of shame" on the mop head to get it out of the way. You know those cones they give to dogs who mustn't scratch? Yup, one of those.
Some witch.  Ha!
Typical of things around here.
Her waving arms and bony fingers were provided compliments of the green ash tree that grew just off the patio. 
The moonlight and blustery wind gave an animated,  spooky feel to the entire scene.
The woods beyond the backyard were alive in the moonlight and I could hear the Barn Owl hooting at me from the trees.  He was very amused by my antics I suspect.
Well, another catastrophe averted!      Sigh.. I need some sleep and a life!


  1. Ha!!!! Loved it. Keeping you in prayer, sweet friend.

  2. A very spooky post....BOO !!

  3. Good one Annie! Good luck with the ablation. Much success with that procedure. I too have a fib and have been on Coumadin several years now. You are in my thoughts & prayers. Hugz!

  4. Great post! thanks for the spooky treat! Hope your hospital say went well.

  5. LOL! Loved your take on the adventure Annie. Keeping you in prayer my friend. Hugs

  6. Joining the ladies in well-wishes for you!
    Hoping all goes well for you,now and always...
    You're still wrapped in prayers,my friend!

  7. This is awesome! Prayers for you, sweet Friend... I read about your ordeal on Ms. Linda's blog. Hope this helps you to feel much better after you get over the procedure. 💜


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