October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th
And Fri Foto Friends


'Tis Friday the 13th and if you are superstitious I guess that has meaning!
But here is Lucky the Black Cat filing his nails just
in case it does have any meaning. He wants to be ready if they need an official black cat for the day.

It is also the 100th addition of Friday Foto Friends and I am joining in with Debbie as I usually do on Friday. You can join in too. Just click HERE to see her blog.

Here are some older photos I took in the past.
I hope you enjoy them.

Winter: Looking out the front window on a snowy day

Into the Woods
Summer: my little beach by the bay

Glittering Bay in Summer

Autumn Trees
Autumn green and red
Spring Rain on the little pond
I like taking photos like this
Apples from my tree this year

The kitchen

Reflection on the pond

My beautiful bay...

The big pond in Spring.  Scotch Broom in bloom


  1. Some beautiful scenic photos through all the lovely seasons. I enjoyed a peek at your kitchen too. Very nice kitchen you have. Have a wonderfully blessed weekend. xx

  2. Hi Annie, Love the Bay in the different seasons. What a neat idea to do a seasons theme. Those apples look delicious! Your kitchen is perfect for baking an apple pie with them. Have a blessed evening dear friend.

  3. Your images are poetic! A snowy day?? Oh my, am not ready! Thanks for visiting me. Do you know you can reach me straight from this blog? I think you just have to type in my url. It is artworksfromjeshstg (dot) wordpress (dot) com Thanks for visiting me:)

  4. Nice collection - I love your kitchen by the way. Your shots of the water always make me want to go to the beach.

  5. Lovely, Annie....I especially love your light near the sink, smiles. I hope you have a beautiful Saturday, friend.

  6. Beautiful photos!
    Funny...my Midnight,though very elegant,
    was never spotted filing her nails/claws/paws?!?
    You find the most marvelous things!
    Be well,my friend!

  7. I love your header! Great pictures, and I love your kitchen! You are so talented! Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Annie, Beautiful entry. Enjoyed every single picture. Anyway, I'm back & hope to be visiting more on a regular basis. Hugs!!

  9. Such great fotos....but that header...it's awesome. It looks so real! I'm so sorry to be late to visit...we had grand-kiddos all weekend and I was under the weather yesterday. HOPE you have a great week.


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