October 4, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today

Linking to Peggy for the Daybook, October edition.

Looking out my window
The day is bright and sunny. It is 73 F and the sky is vivid blue.
Barnegat Bay is blue and calm.  

I am thinking
How thankful I am that our friends in Puerto Rico are safe and sound!
The US Coat Guard is delivering food every couple of days. It will be a long road to recovery.

I am thankful
For family and friends who care.

One of my favorite things


I am creating

A new painting of surf on jetty. It is not finished yet.

click to see larger size

I am  listening to
Haydn's Symphony No. 3 in D Major

In my kitchen

Coconut Cream Cake
350F and about 30 minutes for the layers.

1/2 cup butter softened
2 1/'4 cups sugar
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp salt
6 large eggs beat into mixture and make sure sugar is well dissolved
and mixture is fluffy
2 or 3 minutes

3 cups flour sifted before measuring
add to it 4 tsp of baking powder
resift flour and powder
1 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream

add in thirds to the mixture
add 1/3 flour
then half the  cream..
use mixer again and beat for a few minutes

prepare cake pans You need 3 of them
grease with crisco. add wax paper grease that and dust with flour
1/3 mix into each 9" cake pan

Egg White Icing
birds eye frozen flaked coconut
 1 cup sugar
4 T water or 1.3 cup
1/2 cup light corn syrup
into pan and medium heat with lid on
take off lid on rapid boil to 242f or use cold water test .. ball will hold its shape

beat 4 egg whites in glass bowl
soft peaks form

Pour the hot syrup into the egg whites in a fine stream
using your beater on high. This cooks the egg whites.

add pure vanilla 1 tsp and mix in with spoon well

Ice each layer and add coconu on each layer

cake must be refrigerated and only lasts about 3 days

In my garden

Shared Quote

A moment from my day
The Little in the living Room watching Sponge Bob..

Closing Notes

From the Little, age 9   re: boys
"They don't know how hard it is. They want you to always do what they want to do.  They don't listen and they don't care what girls want to do."

Yeah, pretty much the truth even when you grow up.


  1. Enjoyed your Daybook very much! You are a talented artist. And cook. So much eye candy here on this page. Thanks for sharing your October thoughts and photos.

    1. It was fun to do. Thank you for coming over to visit!

  2. Big, big smiles...I enjoyed your Daybook, Annie. I'm not sure if I could pull off that lipstick color. giggling

    Have a beautiful day friend...looks to be another warm day here in Western NY.

    1. Those colors are perfect for me. I am a cool winter.
      Warmer here today too.. ugh.

  3. What a little sweetheart she is! And, I agree...I'm 62 and still nobody listens. :'( I've never joined this meme, but I'm thinking I might give it a try soon. HOPE you're feeling well. Take care!

  4. Really enjoyed this post !
    Your photos are lovely,as usual,and your new painting?
    If this gorgeous creation isn't yet finished,
    the end result will be spectacular!!!
    I wish you a splendid,joyfilled day in good company!

  5. My Dearest,
    your living room is truly amazing, thank you for sharing another wonderful post of yours !

    Wishing you a most lovely day, today,
    and wonderful days to come,
    with utmost gratitude

    XOXO Dany

  6. Morning Annie; Another wonderful post and great photos. I love your new surf jetty painting and can't wait to see the finished painting. I always love your artwork. So true what Little said and so true that it will always be the same. I think I'll do a SWD for Monday. Have a day of blessings dear friend.

    1. Glad you will do SWD, they are nice to do I think :)

  7. Your painting of the jetty is just beautiful! And that cake looks absolutely yummy. I look forward to making it some day soon.

    I am so thankful that your friends in Puerto Rico are safe and okay. They are in my prayers.

    I enjoyed reading your SWD. Have a blessed weekend. :)


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