October 15, 2017

A Sunday Night Adventure

Here is Toni's great adventure for this week. You can read her story here and join in here as well.


Cabin In The Forest

1.   While walking in a forest, you see a lovely cabin ahead that seems empty so you hurry over to see if anyone is there.
You've been walking for a long time trying to find your way. You were hiking with a group in the forest when you stopped to remove stones from your shoe. When you looked up they had gone ahead and you couldn't see them anymore. 
Though you hurried in the same direction they were gone. Had they taken a turn
somewhere? Did they even know you were missing?
So many thoughts in your head and you realize you should have stayed put where they last left you but stupidly you kept going and that was when  you saw the cabin.
It is was a large cabin and fairly modern and new. Set on the banks of a river, it's  well-kept exterior tells you that someone t frequents it or lives there permanently.
A knock on the door brings no results so you call out loudly. "Hello is anyone around?"
There is only the sound of the birds and some crickets.
It is late afternoon now and dusk is setting in.  You could stay on the porch and wait..or you could check for an open door. There might be a phone.
The front door is locked. All the windows are closed for the chilly autumn weather so you walk around the porch to the rears. There the porch opens up into a deck over looking the river.  A deck with  a sliding glass door that is partially open.
Hesitatingly you slide the glass open and call inside, "Hello? Is anyone home?"
No reply. The cabin is empty alright.  
With a great deal of trepidation you walk inside.
2.   In the empty cabin you spot a large chest in the corner of the main room and you notice a cell phone lying on it.
You pick it up and call the leader of your hiking group.
"Thank God"you think , "there is service!"
He answers the phone and when he learns it is you, he is relieved to say the least.
He knows where the cabin is and they will be there in the morning to get you.
One problem solved but now you're only problem is the cabin's occupant and whether or not they are friendly.

3.   Suddenly you hear a noise coming from the outside.  You hurry out the back rear door and around to the front to intercept them.
"Hey"says the tall man with an armload of wood,"where'd you come from?"
He is friendly and easy going.
"Hey" you answer when you get your wits back. There is something about him that captures your attention. "I got lost and was looking for my hiking group when I discovered your cabin."
"Oh, are you okay?" he asks.
He puts the wood down into a wood cradle and turns toward you again.
"You're not hurt are you? The woods can be rough if you get lost."
"Yes,thanks" you smile at him " just not sure what to do so I,umm, well I  kind of broke into your cabin and used your cell phone to call my group. 
Well I didn't break in  but I barged in for sure" You wait for him to be angry but nope. He just has an amused smile on his face.
"That's okay. Were you able to get hold of them?"
Oh gosh, this guy is so nice you think. 
"Yes. They will get me in the morning,"you reply.
"Then I guess you are spending the night.  Come on in. What's your name?" he asks.
You exchange pleasantries and he takes you on a little tour of the cabin.
He built it himself and spends the weekends here. The rest of the week he is in the city.

This is an impressive man.

Later that night brings some surprises as you find out that the hiking leader has another emergency to tend to and if you are alright he says, they will make arrangements to pick you up the next day. 
It is reassuring to know that the hiking leader knows the cabin owner very well. It's his older brother!
Adding to the complications your stay might be longer than anyone thought because a terrible storm opens with a resounding crack of thunder and lightning just as darkness settles in.
There is no problem, the cabin owner will see that you get home. Things are working out nicely and you are "stuck" with a guy you find very attractive.
 After staying up all night talking you know you want to see him again and again.
And lo and behold he is a fellow old time radio lover!
"Oh, be still my heart" you jokingly whisper to yourself . "Could he be any more perfect?"

4.   The adventure now over, you leave the cabin and both of you realize this is just a beginning.

I sure hope you will join in for Toni's adventures. It is a great way to have fun and invent a little story . So let your imagination soar and get busy writing!

I always try to add something real to my stories or base them on true incidents.
There are a couple of real things in this story.
One is that  I find it very attractive when men are capable and especially when they can build things!

The second thing is that I got lost in a forest once on a camping trip in the dead of night when it was pitch black out.
We had built a new boat and it was loaded with camping gear leaving no room for me or the dog, We  would walk around the lake.. no small distance.
We misjudged the time and lost daylight on the way.
You could not see your hand in front of your face and the dark was so impenetrable that the flashlight did no good.  Even my intrepid dog was scared and walked right up against my leg as we went  along.  He was a brave fellow not scared of most things and with his great eyesight I have often wondered through the years what he was smelling or sensing that frightened him so much.
  I had to be brave for the dog and hey! I was a curved bar girl scout! 😉 (curved bar is the equivilent of an eagle scout)
Years later a guy friend suggested it could have been a Bigfoot or Sasquatch because  I heard some low growls at one point that were unlike anything I'd ever heard before  and I was an experienced camper.
I dismissed that as myth back then (not so sure now)  and continued on but I have wondered through the years what it was that scared the dog so badly.

We finally found the camp site and things ended well!
Okay, your turn!


  1. What a awesome story...I will do mine tommorrow. Hope your Sunday was a good one.

  2. What a great "chick-flick" Annie! Can't wait to read a sequel. I always look forward to your adventures. It was so nice to learn more about you. This is the first I've heard about curved bar girl scouts. Never knew there was one and probably in my part of the Bronx they didn't have them. :) Have a blessed day ahead dear Annie.

  3. A great adventure that held my interest start to finish! Love that little weekend cabin on the stream, and some outstanding photos!

  4. I do so enjoy your stories!!
    You capture the reader's interest immediately and sustain that interest to the end .
    Write books,please!
    Be well and warm...our weeks of 80 degree October have morphed into autumn weather...
    mad dash for the heat this morning,then jeans,sweatshirt and HOT TEA!
    Have a splendid day,my friend!


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