November 11, 2017

Mismatched Photos

Veteran's Day 2017....We Remember
 Temperatures have dropped to 24 F today but I was warm and cozy inside most of the day.
I made a quick trip to CVS with the Little and we stopped for hot Pumpkin Spice drinks which were very nice and warmed us up nicely.
Friday seemed to come very quickly. But every day is welcome and today was a busy day for art that needed work and writing that took up much of the day.
Then, of course, there was the Sponge Bob Squarepants movie that we watched. (Yes, I love Spongebob as must as the Little does. She is 9 and well, I am not much older.)

Since it is Friday, I am adding my addition to Friday Foto Friends.  
This week it is a collection of mostly unrelated photos.

Photo Bomb....
 The Famous Anonymous was invited to meet the Queen and when photos were taken of the Queen she had to jump in and ruin them!   You can't take her anywhere!
Well no, that never happened.   I simply Photoshopped her hand into a photo of the Queen.

100% pure Photoshop! No artificial ingredients added 😉

Garfield. He was with me 21 years and in my heart forever. What a handsome golden man he was.

On a shelf, the little coach heads for Boston....Bon Voyage!

Meanwhile the bay is getting colder. No boats out today.

The Little at the Vatican

Out the window on a stormy night

Phragmites goes to seed. It's so fluffy. I love the oatmeal color. Looks like it is made of wool.

On the water taxi leaving NYC for home. Doesn't take long by water.

The Little getting her hair done for cheerleading with the big purple bow. She won't be cheering next year. Her coach was over zealous. When the Little couldn't complete a split she pushed her head down forcing her into one.  That's extremely dangerous.  So she opted to stay out next year.  Honestly, can't adults get some kind of normal balance in kid's sports and activities?

In the Kitchen dining area last Spring. 
Beautiful Puerto Rico this past Summer before Hurricane Maria. This is taken in  El Yunque national forest. The water is pure, the air is pristine and there are no bugs because the birds deal with them all.

So much destroyed by that awful storm. Please remember the Puerto Rican people. They are wonderful people and they even serve in the military for little reward. They still need our help to heal.


  1. I enjoyed your post. I really love that you live in a quiet area by a by but yet you can take a water taxi to Manhattan! I love Manhattan or at least what little time I've spent there but if I lived in NYC I'd prefer to have the quiet like you do and have the big city nearby. It looks like a wonderful place to bring up Little. I've never been to Puerto Rico but my heart goes out to the people there.

  2. What lovely photos, Annie...don't even get me going on those coaches and their over zealousness (is that a word?). My heart goes out to those folks in Puerto Rico, still without power...I have a further comment about that, but will refrain since its political. We visited Boston and took a water taxi, loved every minute of it.

    Keeping you in prayer, sweet friend. smiles

  3. Fantastic bunch of photos I loved the photo bomb of the Queen. I don't blame the Little for not playing next year. Some school coaches can be over zealous and dumb. To answer your comment on my blog, I haven't walked out the door because it's been so cold and windy. I used to get my Italian goodies on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx. Sad to say I haven't been there in a few years. Not being able to drive anymore I rarely go back there and yes I too miss my trips to the city. I have a baby shower to go to on the 18th. This time the baby girl will be my great-great niece. Hard for me to believe LOL! Have a blessed weekend dear Annie.

  4. Wonderful photos!
    That coach was more interested in winning than in the welfare of the little ones in her care.Folks like that should NEVER be allowed near children!!!
    I went out to feed the birds this morning and the water bowl was frozen...brrrrr...
    fast dash inside for hot tea and a warm kitty .
    Stay warm and well,my friend

  5. Great pics! The Little's hair is so shiny, very pretty. AND I love your kitchen dining area, so inviting. I do agree, Garfield was a very handsome golden man.

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