November 13, 2017

Monday Adventure

Welcome to my blog this rainy, chilly Monday.
Yes, it is raining here in beach land. Tourists have gone home now aside from the diehards who come every weekend until they can't stand it anymore.
They walk the beaches, eat on the Boardwalk and then go home again.
Summer homes are closed up for the winter and people have returned up north or flown down to their winter homes in Florida.
Sissies 😉😊
Meanwhile, leaves are glued to the roadways, porches, etc today and the effect is quite autumny and polka dotty with a riot of color.
Today I am doing Toni's meme. Click to graphic to visit her site.
My fill in the blank answers are in italics.

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The Caribbean Cruise

1.   While on a Caribbean cruise, I take the elevator to get to my room. Accidently pressing the wrong button, the elevator doors closes then opens and I find myself in a huge office
building in the middle of Manhattan!
Chrysler Building as seen from the Empire State Building
I know it's Manhattan because I can see the familiar skyline through the huge windows in the wall across from me.
Yes, there is the Chrysler Building.
Why, to have this close a view from above I'd have to be in the  Empire State Building!
2.   Being the curious type, I leave the elevator and start to walk down the hallway and soon come to the Heartland Brewery and Rotisserie.
Heartland Brewery & Rotisserie
Yes, this is the Empire State building.
I ordered a hamburger, fries and a stiff drink. After all I needed to bolster my courage for this adventure and the brain could use a bit of lubrication too. Well, so I reasoned anyway.
The clock on the wall said 1:00 and it was dark outside. One in the morning? 
It was early morning on the ship.
I was well on my way to lubricating my brain beyond all recognition when the bartender said they were calling for last rounds.
I decided to leave. 
A bit of advice for you in the future: It is no fun sitting in a closed restaurant after everyone else has gone home.. including the staff. So, best to leave.

3.   Now worried,(because I was not as drunk as one needs to be to endure such a weird situation) I turn around to go back to the elevator when I suddenly see  a very tall rabbit in a finely crafted blue coat running down the hallway muttering  "I'm late, I'm late. Oh this will never do. I have a very important date! This will never do. Never, never, never!"
He had a curious little pocketwatch in his hand or paw I suppose and kept looking at it anxiously as he ran along.
He stepped into an elevator and I quickly ran up and slid in beside him.
"Oh, do be careful how you slide into elevators you silly girl. Don't you see you nearly
bumped into me? What is your hurry anyway? You have no important date to keep, of that I am sure."
"Rude little rabbit"I thought to myself, "I could have an important date just as much as he could".  I mean really who did he think he was?
His abuse continued.
"And besides, you smell like a brewery! Ugh!" He screwed up his pink nose in disgust and
took a hanky from his pocket and covered his nose with it.

"You're a fine one to talk with your outdated ruffled shirt. It's so, so... 70's" I replied in my best Valley Girl accent.
He looked like a reject from  a fairy tale.
"You're talking nonsense. I have no time for nonsense and ridiculous girls.  Now get out of this elevator at once" he demanded thumping his furry foot ont the floor.
He sniffed loudly and averted his head to avoid looking at me.  But, from time to time, I saw his bright golden eyes steal a glance in my direction.
Well, I did not take his advice but rode the elevator with him down to the first floor.
Perhaps if he had been a more polite rabbit I might have listened to him but he was annoying me. Besides, it is difficult to exit a moving elevator.  I should know having tried it numerous times and failing miserably.
Hmmph....Dumb rabbit should know that.
The elevator came to a halt with a decided bump and the doors glided open. Why do elevators do that? Are they afraid you've fallen asleep in there?
Anyway, the rabbit hurried out the door into the  late city night and bobbing and weaving through traffic and  people made his way to the Manhattan ship terminal at Pier 90.
What a trek!
There as my cruise ship The Alice W sitting docked and empty. It looked forlorn.
"Ah, my ship has arrived," he said breathing heavily. "I am not late after all"
"Ridiculous Rabbit," I said.  I was annoyed at him. "What will  you do on a cruise ship? You belong in a story book."
Pier 90
"Now you listen to me you little pipsqueak," he said glaring at me defiantly. "Don't you try to tell me where I belong or don't belong. I am a free and independent rabbit and I go where I please, nosy girls aside!"  He wagged his finger at me accusingly.
Pushing me out of his way,  he ran up the gangplank and disappeared inside the ship.
Running around Manhattan had rid my brain of any fuzziness  I believe I may well have been thinking clearly again..but I am not sure.
I am never sure. 
I called Uber, had the driver take me to the Plaza and booked a room for the night.
I would take the train home the next day.
The cruise was a complete bust anyway.
Imagine the nerve of a cruise ship line having wonky elevators that take you to Manhattan?
That was the last time I would book a cruise. 
I considered suing for false advertising since they had touted a 6 day cruise to the Bahamas and here I was at the Plaza!
Well, I prefer the Plaza to the Bahamas anyway so no great loss.  I've never been to the Caribbean but I have been to the Plaza and it's infintely nicer and the food is great.

4.   A little relieved to be in a nice comfy suite at the Plaze and laughing to myself I realize that I have never been inside the Chrysler Building and it did look nice from inside the Empire State Building.
First thing tomorrow I will have breakfast at the Palm Court downstairs and then go to the Chrysler building and look around.
After lunch I might head home but I hope I don't have to deal with that exasperating rabbit again.
I imagined him basking on a hot beach in the Bahamas annoying tourists with his smart remarks.  

My fill in ideas  for Toni's adventure this week were the result of several things.
When I was in high school the man in the post office called me "Alice". I suspect it was how I wore my hair at the time but I am not sure. Whatever it was, his name for me was Alice.
Alice got me thinking of the White Rabbit and how interesting it might be to run into him on the adventure.
I have never been drunk in my life and thought that the idea of my being drunk would be interesting so I included it. Besides it might really be the only way to handle such a weird situation  👀
I've never been to the Bahamas so why start now?  I diverted my trip to places I actually could go  and have been like the Plaza Hotel, my favorite place to stay in NY.
I hope you enjoyed the story and I wish more of you would join in for Toni's Adventures. They are a fun way to connect with other bloggers.

Join me again tomorrow won't you? I look forward to your visits.


  1. I am still giggling over "sissies" {{big smiles}}. I really enjoyed your story and it had me giggling yet again. Thank you Annie for the many smiles. It is dark and cloudy and quite chilly here in Western NY, it is fall, so I fully expect it to be this way, smiles.

    P.S. in full disclosure, I was only drunk once in my life and that was when I was 21, one and only time...once was enough. Just saying...smiles

  2. P.S. I LOVE THIS!!!! (reading your comment at my place---and I left you a comment there)---mine will be up tomorrow...I just edited mine. smiles

  3. The 'sissie' comment made me giggle too!

  4. I giggled and enjoyed reading your adventure story. I was pleased to read about the restaurant I enjoyed only last visit to Manhattan. Your header is lovely too.

  5. I know I always say it Annie :) but this is the best adventure yet! Wow! imagine having all that happen on a Caribbean cruise! Especially having to put up with that snooty white rabbit. Thank you so much for giving me my chuckle for the day. Have a blessed evening dear Annie.

  6. Your header is one of my favorites...I so want to live in that warm,cozy cottage and sit out gazing at that beautiful moon with friends!
    Monday is a day to look forward to...great reading...really enjoyed your adventure!
    You do imagine exciting stories. Thank you !
    Be safe and well,my friend

  7. It's nice that you have the beach area all back to yourself again for the most part! We have a lot of tourists here in the summer and fall as well and not as many in the winter... winter is a little more tough! I enjoyed your story and thought you wrote it very well!


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