November 19, 2017

Night Encounter.. Bigfoot

The Lonely Road

1.   You are driving down a lonely road at night when in front of you, you see
An extremely large figure standing in the road up ahead.
It seems to be looking off into the distance not noticing you or your car.
The figure moves off into the woods in two massive strides and you strain to see what it might be.
Why would a person walk into the  woods at this time of night? It is pitch black in there and there is no trail at this point.
As you question the sanity of the person  you notice your car is moving oddly and what do you know, you've got a flat tire.

2.   You stop the car and get out to check on the condition of the tire and discover it is indeed flat.
You sigh to yourself at the inconvenience of it all, and  you head around to the trunk to get out the spare tire and the lug wrench.  Should you try to change it yourself on this lonely forest
road so very late at night? You know the lug nuts are pretty tight.  You wonder if you are strong enough to get them off.
 No, you decide that it would be best to call Triple A and wait inside the car.  There are bear, cougars and coyotes in the area. You are safer and warmer by far if you stay in the car. It just isn't safe for a woman alone to be outside in this area.
AAA says they will have a truck out to you in 30 minutes which is a great relief and you are glad you signed up for the service after all.
The only problem now is that 30 minutes can be a lifetime when you are nervous.

3.   All of a sudden in the background you hear a deafening, bone chilling roar and   a deep,low growl. Then silence again until a howling sound breaks through the silent night. The hair on the back of your neck is standing up. . Whatever is making these noises has to be huge. This is no little animal.
A cold, evil chill runs through your body again and again.
You can hear something large crashing through the forest.

As a camper you know the sounds of the forest. You recognize a Mountain Lion's cries and roars, you know the awful 'terrified woman' scream of the fox.  You've heard the grunts and roars of bears.  You have heard coyotes howl and bark.  You know their footprints too.
This is none of these.
You've never heard one before but you suspect what it is. You are worried that you are probably right.  You hope with all your might that you are wrong.
The name Bigfoot, Sasquatch, runs through your mind.
You've listened to the Bigfoot Outlaws Radio for a long time and heard their stories. Tim "Coonbo" Baker is a former NASA scientist. He is reliable and has seen Bigfoot up close and personal. Some of the stories are downright horrifying.
You know the Navajo stories about this thing too. It isn't friendly.
With all this in mind you get in the car and lock the doors.
Of course you realize that if Bigfoot wants in, the locked doors will do no good.
When another ear shattering howl splits through the dark night,  you are relieved to know that the sound is moving away from you and you see the lights of the repair truck heading your way.
You want to run up and hug the guy from Triple A! You are so glad to see him.
He works hard to turn the lug nuts on the tire. He is a big, strong guy so you know you would never have gotten that off yourself.   It is a good thing you called and it is nicer not to be alone on this dark, seldom traveled road.
The fellow has the tire changed in no time and man, are you grateful!

4.   You then start your car and the repair truck leaves.
You head back to the highway. This is the last time you will take this old forest road at night!

After many years of wondering, I now believe that Bigfoot or Sasquatch is a real creature.
I try to base my stories on things I have experienced or know about.
In this case I know about it but thankfully have not encountered a Bigfoot in person!
Here is the Pennsylvania White Bigfoot video. One of the best I have seen.
Thinker Thunker makes a good case for authenticiy.

The photo above is an albino bigfoot and was taken from a video  made in Pennsylvania.
 I put stills from the video into Photoshop to examine them more closely and ran the video over and over frame by frame.   In Photoshop I am able to see the eyes inside the sockets and see minute facial movements too quick for the eye.
The facial muscles move and are not within normal human proportions.
As a human your upper lip is about 1 finger width from the bottom of your nose.
On this creature, it is about a 3 finger width and moves up and down with the eye movements.
Your eye sockets are not this low or this huge. These eyes are made for seeing well in the dark and designed to take in lots of light.
You can see pink skin below the white fur/hair. The mouth grimaces and the upper lip moves with it.  The skin and muscles on the skull move.
It cannot be  a mask anymore than the famous Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot from  northern California is a suit.  In the Patterson film you can see the muscles moving in the buttocks, thighs and arms.     They move in unison and no suit can do that.
The gait of the creature is impossible for a human as well. The shin rise is not a human gait.
 A suit with arms as long as those in the Patterson film is also impossible as the hands actually move with the body.  The proportions are not human. Humans do not fit into suits that are not made according to human proportion.
The same goes for this video. The mouth moves, the nose twitches, the brow ridge moves with the facial expressions. This is not possible with a mask. A mask will also not  allow your eyes to be in the proper position on the face when the mouth is so distant from them.
It simply is not a human skull.

I hope you enjoyed this and please, give Toni's adventure  a try. It is a wonderful creative outlet.


  1. That is scary.... I do believe there are things out there that have no explanation. Fellow blogger Lulu had a unknown photo on her blog, something about a sasquatch. Scary thoughts... We love to camp too.. Anyways, was letting you know its snowing pretty hard here😊

  2. After reading your story Annie I doubt if I'll be able to sleep tonight. LOL! I'm still a doubter when it comes to Bigfoot but...who knows? Loved your take on the meme. Have a blessed evening my friend.

  3. Lions and tigers and Bigfoot,oh,my !!!
    As if I really needed another reason to be watchful of things that go BUMP in the night!
    I have a friend who used to tease me,the driver,about seeing"eyeshine" as we traveled in shopping forays and make creepy hooting sounds,as if to call the creatures!
    And now...they're real?!? So,Hollywood wasn't far off with"Harry and the Hendersons" .
    Hope your Thanksgiving is spent with those you love...that all is peaceful and wonderful for you,my friend.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Annie!


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