November 3, 2017

Seaside/Home Side photos for Friday Foto Friends

If you are interested in AF Ablation surgery or ever need it done, this article does a good job of describing what it entails and how you could feel after.     Some breeze on through. Others, like myself, not so much.

Did you know that sea birds are the fastest birds over all flying over 100 MPH? And the Peregrine Falcon is fastest of all at 200 Miles per hour.I found that fact whilst looking up the name of birds that fly fast by the bay here. (Swallows)

Friday is time for Foto Friends and this is my effort for the week.. though they are all photos taken at other times. I have not been out to do any photography since last week and I will probably not get out too much for a couple of weeks.  
Also, I do hope you will read my post here and let me know your thoughts.

Join in at Debbie's blog.     It is a lot of fun.
I am sleeping a lot. The doctor advised 10 hours a night...I am happy to do it. I am worn out.

In the bathroom, I use an old short dresser to hold some washcloths, hand towels etc.
This Aloe plant was my mothers. It has lost a good deal of its volume was huge, but it was from the 1970s and still going. Some people have it's children

kitchen needs painting again. This looks greenish.. and I really like it. In reality it is yellow. I think I will go with green.

I am drinking Decaf for now...Relax by 8 O'Clock Coffee

  Vincent Youman's song Tea for Two was in my head so I took this photo.The song reminds me of The Duchess of Windsor. I  will explain  another time.

Two Views of one of my favorite places in the neighborhood
A place of peace and quiet

A close up of the bay on a quiet afternoon

A bit blurry but you get the idea.  Another from one of my favorite places around town.

I can see Sea Side and Island Beach State Park across from me  on the ocean side. See it in the distance? It was a hazy day so not too clear. In the other direction is Long Beach Island and Barnegat Light. You can see them as well. The bay is narrow.

A storm was coming in and it was hazy/cloudy

the cove  I love so much at twilight. Quick little swallows fly around then.

You can just see the setting sun at the photo' s bottom.
 Sunset at the end of an August day 2017

I hope you enjoyed these photos and I do hope you will add your own or one's that interest you to your own blog so we can see them too.
Good night... I am up too long now.


  1. Firstly I am very sorry about your surgery and the adverse impacts of it. I hope your recovery will go faster and better than you expect though. I just read about some wonderful advancements made by a local doctor here in the area of heart surgery but am not sure if it is for the same thing you needed. Read here if interested as it sounds very exciting.

    Your photos are very beautiful. It's always nice to take and look back at lovely images. Rest well. xx

  2. I read about your surgery when you first posted about it, very scary...I am keeping you in prayer, friend. And, I just love your photos and want to move right in, smiles.

  3. So wonderful to hear from you, but praying you are not overdoing it. Love your pictures. The tea for two looks so pretty and welcoming. I agree, paint the kitchen green (light green). I like that and have debated on doing that myself. For now, you just need to take it easy. I hope you have people waiting on you. Have a blessed and peaceful weekend.

  4. Good Morning!
    Your PC article was right on target! Remember when we could just tell the truth with kindness?
    The photos are wonderful...what a welcoming home you have.May we join you for tea?
    The ablation explanation was sobering,to say the least! Rest well,my friend,knowing all our prayers for your good health and healing go with you always.

  5. I always enjoy your pictures. They are so peaceful. How wonderful it would be to have such a beautiful beach in the neighborhood. I had to look up the ab ablation procedure. I pray for your good recovery and strength.

  6. I enjoy the photos. Your area is so amazing! O and also the aloë plant!

  7. Hope you regain your strength very soon & get outside to enjoy that beautiful cove at twilight again! Loved the photos!

  8. Rest up and get strong!! Love all your photos. Can't believe your aloe plant is from the '70s!!

  9. Awesome fotos from your life and surroundings... continued prayers and hugs, sweet Friend. 💜

  10. The little frog is just adorable! I love your seaside photos. The ocean is always beautiful.

  11. Love the photos of your home and bay surroundings. My favorite kind of photos are normal every day things and you've shown that here. I'm praying your recovery from that scary ablation surgery will be fast and painless. Take care and get well soon dear Annie.

  12. Annie
    thank you so very much for sharing these beautiful photos. I hope you feel better soon.
    I lived in Anaheim for 2 yrs loved going to the beaches out there, my favorite was Long Beach, loved that little town out there. Then Coronado and all of them to name a few


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