November 14, 2017

Women, Know Your Limits!

Harry Enfield made the most entertaining comedic films and BBC Worldwide has uploaded some of them on YouTube.   I would love to share them with  you.
These funny films make powerful statements about how some men view women and mocks that point of view quite well!

The first one is entitled "Women, Know Your Limits" and is a wonderful send up about educated women.

The second title is "Women, For Pity Sake, Don't Drive" a spoof on women drivers from the male perspective.

It's a cold day here and was 32F this morning when I saw the Little off to her bus.
She was bundled up warmly after a breakfast of a thin bagel toasted in the pan and filled with fried egg and cheddar cheese. 
Autumn is in full swing and I hope it doesn't warm up again. I don't like the back and forth warm/cold weather we sometimes have. I think it's unhealthy, don't you?

We will be 7 ot 8 for Thanksgiving Day...not sure yet but the menu is set.  We start out with Butternut Squash soup and canapes.
 Then comes Turkey, candied yams, mashed potatoes, corn pudding, cranberry sauce, green beans  and my  sausage stuffing.
 For dessert I will make pumpkin pie, sour cream apple pie, and chocolate mousse pie. Unsure if I will also make a pecan pie  or a Shoo Fly Pie as well. I don't know what my stamina will be and my oven is broken. I will be using my convection oven for cooking and let someone else roast the turkey.
Tomorrow I will post the recipes for Sour Cream Apple Pie and My Sausage stuffing.


  1. Your menu sounds great, we look to have 30, WoW. Hope you're enjoying your day.

    1. 30! That's just wonderful. The more the merrier.

  2. Oh no on the broken oven... We use to have a large crowd over, not this year and it has caused quite a uproar (especially on FB). They call me selfish... Seriously, I'll just be getting home from the hosp.. Anyways, your menu sounds wonderful😊😊😊. Have a beautiful day friend. And I agree with your sentiments about the weather.

    1. It's been broken now for about 4 years. Oh well...

  3. Your menu sounds heavenly. I haven't had corn pudding since I was a teenager at my aunt's house for Thanksgiving. Definitely pecan pie for year's your dessert. I'll be looking for your sausage stuffing recipe! Would you also include your recipe for corn pudding? There will only be 2 (my dear husband and me) for Thanksgiving this year. God bless you all!


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