December 4, 2017

Adventure of the Day..

Toni puts up a new adventure each week for us and I am joining in again this week. It's fun to read the answers people dream up for the stories she creates.

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The Seaside Lodge

1.   On a vacation at a private seaside lodge, I decide to jog along the seashore and up
ahead I see what looks like a cave in the rocks ahead. I jog to the cave and see that it is a huge cavern that I never knew existed. Since it is low tide, I think I might take a chance at going inside. As I approach the entrance I am more and more hesitant to go inside.
What if I get trapped in there.  
I decide I will not go far inside.

2.   Once in the cave I wait for my eyes to adjust and along the wall in front of me I see a flashlight, using it I walk slowly and I suddenly come to a huge mural painted on the wall.
Mermaids and dolphins are shown playing in the waves along the shore. It is lovely and because of the mica in the rock the mural sparkles as the light plays along it.

3.   With wonder and awe I continue staring at the painting until I hear some quiet laughter coming from another passage of the cave.
I walk toward it and see steps going up. Climbing them I find another large room and there are mermaids and dolphins in a large pool talking, laughing and playing.
They have not seen me so I walk down the stairs and back to the beach outside. It is better not to disturb what I saw, best not to go there again too.

4.   Upon leaving the cave and replacing the flashlight I gather my thoughts and think
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy (science or learning)." Hamlet Act 1

Did you have to study Shakespeare in high school like we did?  We did several plays each of the four years and had to learn soliliquys from them to recite. It was a major portion of our English classes.


  1. I enjoyed your take on it...smiles...yes, we studied Shakespeare. We also did several plays such as Taming of the Shew. smiles

    I hope you have a beautiful joyous day, friend.

  2. I always enjoy your take on the adventure Annie. It's always so original and imaginative. I loved it. As for Shakespeare, even though I was an English major way, way, back when, we never studied Shakespeare. Unbelievable right! I read and learned on my own. Have a day of blessings my friend.


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