December 8, 2017

Assorted Photographs

Six inches of snow is expected here in South Jersey.
It is very cold and damp out so we will see what develops. Since we live so close to the Delmarva area (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia are very close to us) we get their weather more often than not. We all have the somewhat the same accent as well.
Wikipedia says:
The culture on Delmarva is starkly different from the rest of the Mid-Atlantic region and is
much like that of the Southern United States. Many Delmarva counties are much more conservative than the "mainland" counties of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia
Delmarva is driven by agriculture and commercial fishing. Most of the land is rural, and there are only a few large population centers.
Many dialect studies show that Delmarva residents have a variation of Southern American English which is particularly prevalent in rural areas.
Where do you live?

Meanwhile, here are a bunch of photos to share on Friday Foto Friends.

My daughter is barely 5'2". The tiny lady beside her is her Grandma. 'Right now she is in a coma and recovering from a brain anuerysm. I am asking for prayers on her behalf. This  wonderful woman is mother of 10 and grandmother of more than 50 grandchildren ( I lost count) and many more great grands who need her badly.This photo was taken in Salt Lake City on a visit home.  She is the glue that holds this huge family together. We need her so much.

Hurricane Sandy beat us up pretty good, but we are Jersey Strong.Things are still not back to normal though.

I am one of those Photoshop weirdos who like to make cartoons out of photos. Like this one here.

The President retweeted me. Of course he did he knows who really runs this place.

Autumn on the lagoon.

Me and my daughter at Scottish Games at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. Photo quality grew by leaps and bounds in a few short years. This was a disposable camera that was aleady old when the photo was taken.Then the photo sat in the camera for a long time. So its not the best quality.

beyond the fence...

taken with my phone at the end of the day a few weeks ago
Moss in the yard


  1. Beautiful post & memories Annie. So sorry to hear about grandma. Is she your mom? I'll say a prayer for her and for your family. The photos in your locale are serene & beautiful and I enjoyed learning more about the area.

    1. Thank you :. She is my daughter's paternal grandmother. My own mother passed on already.

  2. Lovely photos to remember those special people & places.
    Praying dear Grandma will soon be restored to you all.

  3. I am praying for the Grandmother...I understand how grands hold large families together.. family dynamics change once they have passed,, here ‘s hoping you all have a blessed Christmas.

  4. Grandmas are so special and so important. Praying this Grandma will be healed. Lovely pictures, as always. I am in North Texas and I don't think I have much of an accent, however, I have been told otherwise. Here's hoping and praying for your Christmas to be a merry one and Grandma can be home. Wow! Donald Trump retweeted you? Did I just fall for that or not? Cool! You and your little girl - what a sweet picture.

  5. There's no one more special than Grandmother's. Prayers for recovery. I always enjoy your fotos. And, look at you being retweeted by the President! 😁 Happy weekend!

  6. Praying for your daughter's grandmother to be strengthened and healed. I can imagine how difficult this is for your family. Please know my thoughts are with you all. I love your pictures as always. I find it interesting that your region seems to be more typical of a southern area. That makes us even more closely connected...we have similar trees and environment...and perhaps even similar dialect. Would love to hear you talk! I don't speak real southern as my parents were from the north and my hubby and I have lived in many different cultures and regions, so we kind of lost any "accent" we may have had from our youth. But we still say, "Y'all come!" Hope you have a blessed and peaceful weekend...and I will continue to pray.

  7. You got me with the cats, I can't stop laughing

  8. Keeping your daughters grandmother in prayer...and you, of course. Sending much love and hugs. (and I'm 5'1, your daughter has me beat, most folks do.)

    and hmm...on the retweet, what did he retweet? Inquiring minds want to know. {{smiles and giggles}}---your photos are so lovely, friend. They always are and I will answer your question, "Where do you live?" (which you already know, lolol) tomorrow. smiles

  9. Prayers for Grandma! Enjoyed all your pictures and memories!! I live on the bay in SE Texas and we had a snowstorm the other night. Yep, 1-2 inches that actually stayed on the ground until early afternoon. lol We so seldom see snow here, last time was in 2008. It's always a treat for us.

  10. Your daughter's grandmother is a dear soul and is wrapped in the prayers of many , as are you!
    This seasonal series of headers is one of my favorites...thank you!
    We do have snow here...began early this morning,sifting down without a breeze...made everything look like the inside of a snowglobe. not much accumulation is expected...fine with me...The Shoveler...sigh...
    Be well,my friend!


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