December 12, 2017

Toni's Adventure..

Adventures are fun!
The little is off to her bus, loaded down with backpack and clarinet case.. no coat.. she left it in school yesterday..sigh. But she is layered up with sweaters and sweatshirts. Only half a block to the bus so she is fine.
The kitchen is cleaned up, the french toast was well liked and I am settling down to do the latest Toni's creative adventure for this week  and you should too.
My cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee is steaming hot and I am ready to write....

  The Ski Trail

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1.   While cross country skiing through an old country trail I notice a light through the trees ahead. Getting closer to the clearing I see the light comes from a cottage that looks inviting. I remove my skis and walk up the porch steps and knock on the door when I see the sign that says, "Welcome , come in!"    As usual, I do just that. I am no stranger to this cottage or its occupants.

2.   I step inside to a cozy living room and sitting in a big leather chair in front of the fireplace is Mike all cozy in a warm blue and white Icelandic sweater. Next to him on the chair is JImmy his beautiful black lab with soft and gentle eyes.
"I'm happy you're here",  he said scratching the dogs head.
"Wild horses couldn't keep me away" I replied. "You know I love coming by to see you, Mike."
I lived up the trail from him a ways. When he had sprained his ankle I began coming by daily to make sure his bandage was done right and to get him hot meals. But it was an excuse to spend time with him too. I really enjoyed his company so much.

3.   He smiled at me and offered me a seat and a cup of hot chocolate. We talk for a bit and play with Jimmy, who is, as always, the life of the party.
"You shouldn't be making me hot chocolate, Mike. You need to rest that ankle.
 "How about lunch now" I said.
I headed to the kitchen to prepare him a roast beef sandwich and a steaming hot cup of the soup I had made that morning.
He devoured it. Mike is a big Norwegian guy and it takes some serious food to fill his tummy.
After lunch I rewrapped his sprained ankle and pulled his warm woolen socks over top.
Then I  fluffed the pillow on the ottoman. He raised his leg and lowered his foot onto the cushy pillow.
I placed his crutches closer to him and got him a thermos of hot coffee and put it on the table by his chair.
I placed a little dish of cookies nearby too.
"If you are comfy, I will go get some errands done and be back before dinner time, Mike"
I leaned down and he gave me a big bear hug. 
Jimmy made sure he gave me a doggy style hug too and walked me to the door.
"Now stay put so that ankle can rest and heal" I said shaking my finger at him.
It was hard to keep him down.
4.   Happy and warm in my winter coat, I headed out the door.
I turn to wave goodbye  and I'm surprised to see Mike standing at the door.
"I miss you already," he said.       "Don't leave, the errands can wait."
He was right, they could.


  1. Awwwwww.... How I loved this.... I'll play along tomorrow, smiles. P. S. French toast sounds good. Stay warm, my friend.

  2. A great and comfy warm story Annie. Almost like a Hallmark movie. You are definitely a born writer my friend. Have a blessed day ahead and thank you so much for playing along.

  3. So nice to begin my day here !
    The kitty is fed and curled up on my comforter,the recycling is out for collection
    and it's time for breakfast...nothing as splendid as French Toast.The temps here have dropped overnight...not looking forward to braving that wind later on...brrrrrrr...
    Have a wonderful,warm,joyful day,dear friend !


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