December 1, 2017

Walk Around the Neighborhood

Another Friday Foto Friends at Debbie's

While my neighborhood is little, there are 3 marinas in walking distance of my house.
Boats are more common than cars I think.
I live 3 blocks from the water, and about 8 to 9 blocks from the deep open bay, and a few feet from 4 different creeks that empty into the bay.

Come along with me for a little walk around my neighborhood. 

The water has moods and changes color depending on the time of day and the weather

Dogs like to walk on the sand by the bay

Straight ahead as you look at the photo, under the sky there, is the open bay.And it is to the right. It is a peninsula so you are surrounded.  We don't have sidewalks here but don't stray too far off, to the side is salt marsh

Phragmites grows like crazy all over the place. It gets very very tall. It is green in summer, wheat colored in fall and winter.

I think the phragmites adds a pretty furry touch to the woods.   I like these muted autumn colors a lot.

It is way over my head. I like the oatmeal color.
Garnet Sand. Crushed garnets color sand a purplish hue sometimes. I highlighted it in Photoshop so you could see it as it didn't come through clearly in the original photo but its there.

Taken in late summer, but all that has changed is the color of the phragmites

I like to sit on the dock here and watch the boat go by especially as the evening draws  in.
Now we can have lunch together.


  1. What a beautiful peaceful walk I had with you (only sorry it wasn't real). You live in such a lovely area Annie. Thanks for the lunch at your pretty table. The settings are lovely. Have a day of blessings dear friend.

  2. BTW, I love your new header. :)

  3. Loveeeeeeee it, I also love your new header. You are so lucky to live by the sea, smiles.

  4. Beautiful post and new header. I always love visiting with you.

  5. Your header is tranquil and comforting...
    imagine sitting in that little church and
    meditating to the sound of gentle waves lapping at the shore
    Thank you for a lovely visit with you !
    Be well , my friend...

  6. I love your beautiful sea (coast) photos. Thank you so much.

  7. What a gorgeous place to live. I really like the garnet sand...since garnet is my birthstone! Thanks for the tour around your town. HOPE you're feeling lots better these days.

  8. What a delight to walk along beside you, and see through your eyes the beautiful place in which you live! There is something about the salt air that invigorates me, and the everlasting waves upon the shore are so soothing to my soul. I would dearly love to join you one day for lunch, your place setting looked delightful! I hope you are feeling better after your surgery! Hugs to you today :)

  9. What a wonderful walk along your shore and inlets, and to see the beauty surrounding you. You do have a lovely place to live and enjoy! And then to be invited into your home for lunch! what a treat that would be! I wonder if you have a recipe for a really good seafood chowder? My hubby is hankering for some...the creamy kind, not the tomato kind. Would love to know if you do, since you live so close to the shore. I hope you are feeling better and enjoying these beautiful days leading up to Christmas. Take care, my friend, and God bless you and keep you always.

  10. Oh, forgot to mention the beautiful header, which I believe you probably painted. It is magnificent!!!! Such a gift you have!!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes I paint most of my headers. I am so glad you like it!
      I would love to have you over for lunch. I am feeling pretty decent :)thank God.
      I so have a recipe and will put it up for you or send it to you.

  11. I loved joining you in your walk. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I love your table setting too and what I can see of your decor. xox


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