January 15, 2018

Ancient History and The Quiet Place

Toni has a new fill in the blanks adventure for us this week. She keeps coming up with great new ideas every week and I am joining in once again since they are a lot of fun and stretch your imagination.
If you are not trying these you are missing out on a great opportunity and a way to keep the brain moving and growing.  Some people think they have no imagination or that it is hard to come up with a little story. Well, rethink that, my friends, because that is just something you've let yourself believe. You can do anything you put your mind to do and doing these, even if you feel you "can't" will open you up mentally and challenge you to grow and do more.  Try some of them.
This is the last adventure she is posting because few tried it.
Having given my lecture, I will now move along with the adventure :) ...Thanks, Toni!

The Quiet Place

1.   While looking for a quiet place to rest my tired body after a bad day at work I stumbled on a section of the university library that I had never been in before.
I work as a teacher at the university's college of archaeology and I had a particularly bad day because of a run in with another professor who sticks to the ridiculous party line about the megaliths .. well never mind. I had a bad day and I was looking for a quiet place to rest, relax and read a few papers.
I found a room in our enormous library that I had no idea existed.

2.   It was the most beautiful place that I had seen in a long time.

3.   I turned and spotted a big soft leather chair that was perfect for reading and relaxing for a bit.
I read and re-read the papers on the megaliths and knew that the explanation made no sense. These stones were precision cut. A stone mason told me that he suspected a laser may have been used and I was certain that pre-history is not what  most would believe.
I recalled Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the Atomic bomb, telling newsmen who had asked him how it felt to be the first man to explode an atomic bomb, that he was only the first in our time, but not the first at all. 
He quoted the Bagavad Gita,part of the Hindu Vedas, where Vishnu tells the Prince, "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"  The Mahabarata  also reports nuclear war and the resulting devastation.
It acurately describes atomic bombs being exploded well over 5000 years ago and we know that several cities and deserts in the world today show evidence of atomic blasts complete with extreme radiation levels.
I sat and pondered all this and realized that there were forces in this world that did not want the truth to be known about history, real history anyway. It proved far too many things they seek to destroy.
The Vedas were written 5,000 years or more ago and we know they were already much older than that at the time.  Pre-flood I surmise.

4.   After a long quiet while I knew I had to get home and that one person would never change this. It would require a change of heart in a humble humanity that doesn't believe it has all the answers.


  1. Well done! I enjoyed your story.

  2. Great as usual Annie. You definitely have a writer's imagination. I for one will miss the way you can take 4 sentences and turn them into wonderful adventures. Thank you for participating this past year in my creative adventures. Have a blessed evening my friend.

  3. I do enjoy your stories !
    Doesn't it seem awfully arrogant for each new generation to think they are so very far advanced over those that preceeded it ?? Hopefully there will come a time when all will be revealed and we will finally be gobsmacked into humility.
    Be well,warm and comfortable,dear friend...

  4. P.S. - Love that gorgeous library !

  5. I just never settled myself down to do this. Too bad for me. Love the story, Anne. You and Toni do have such a wonderful imagination.

  6. wow! I usually skip over these, but you got my little pea-brain thinking this morning. I may have to go check out Toni's creative adventures and try them on for a change. You are correct...it is good to stimulate the brain and mine is a big foggy this week after a procedure on Monday with anesthesia. Some good brain exercise might be just what "the doctor ordered". this was interesting. Thank you!

    1. If we don't exercise our brains, they stagnate. Just like muscles the brain needs to be stretched and put to hard work to keep it in tip top sha;e.


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