January 27, 2018

Photo Potpourri

Photos of all kinds are included in this weeks Friday Foto Friends.
 The first one is a couple of Penguins who like to hang around and guard my books.
Very useful little guys.
Danielle Steele's 44 Charles Street is a favorite of mine that I have read and re-read several times. The Island by Elin Hildebrand is also nice reading. It is about summer and finding and re-finding romance on Tuckernuck Island in Massachusetts.
The flower covered book is an old English book from a high school in Brooklyn, NY from the 1940's. I use it for grammar correction in posts, etc.

I broke the top of my coffee grinder from Holland.
I love Delft from the Netherlands.  My Aunt Johanna was born in the Netherlands and my love of blue and white and all things Delft comes from her.
I put delft handles on my kitchen cabinets because I love it so much.
I used to love staying with her at her house, which I thought was the most beautiful home in the world. I find myself trying to copy her in so many ways.
Each year she went back to the Netherlands on the  Holland America line's SS Rotterdam. She loved sailing the Atlantic. She would bring me home the menu from the cruise.
 I loved that.
Each year she brought home Delft items.Once I got a sterling bracelet with a little Delft wooden shoe on it and a windmill. I don't know what became of it sadly.

I love my coffee grinder too and hope I can find another top so the coffee beans stay fresh.

More Delft in the kitchen
Blue and white handles make me happy.

Next is a shot of New York  City on the way home on the boat in spring time .
We are pretty equidistant from NYC and Philly. NYC is quicker by boat though.
My oldest daughter commutes to NY daily for her job.
 Here in New Jersey we just call New York City  "the city". Everyone knows where you are going and what you mean when you say you are going into the city for the day.
If you go to Philadelphia to shop you say, "Philly".

Click any photo to see full size

 And the Famous Anonymous Kid squinting in the bright NY sunshine.

I was trying to see if my hair was getting white streaks in the back since my hair gets  some silvery white hair, not gray and I couldn't tell properly with the mirror. The Famous Anonymous suggested I try a selfie.  (We  are very bad and sometimes text back and forth while she is at school)
I sat on the edge of the sink and well... got a bad partial photo of my head with distorted color but a pretty good shot of my little bottom in the mirror in the upper half of the photo.
Also in the shot is my Clifford the Big Red Dog cup. Used to be the Famous' cup but, I inherited it when she got too old for it. She did,  but I didn't. Ask anyone who knows me.. I am really 10.
 I thought having taken a rear end selfie was pretty funny... so I included it.
As the Famous Anonymous said, "Only you can take a photo of your head and get your butt too."
Yeah, pretty much.

After many tries, I got a picture but, you can't tell really.
So I went to the Beauty Store and they told me to let them be white because it really is platinum and adds nicely to the blonde.  So, I will :).

 You can sort of see one thick chunk of it in the center of the hair, and there are a few chunks like that. It was a waste of time.

The only thing I got was some exercise while doing gymnastics to take the photo

 Here is the bay, yet again.  The sharp dark line in the distance is the barrier island.
It is also part of my town and our town's ocean beaches are over on that side.

And a blast from this summer past.   I took it in August and, I think I have shown it before, but I like the  yellow sky so here it is again.

That's it for this week.
Join in Friday Foto Friends at Debbie's. Its a lot of fun and there are some beautiful photos to see  and I promise,  most of them NEVER include the back of someone's head or their behind either..so take a look!


  1. Lovely photos Annie. I always love seeing shots of the sky, the water, the NYC skyline and of course one's private life and family :-) Your delft blue collection is lovely. I love delft blue myself but I only have one item (a small photo frame) which I picked up in Amsterdam. I was going to change out knobs to delft as well but only did my master bathroom. To be honest I don't remember what happened to the knobs because they haven't been on there for years.

  2. Your header is just beautiful - Is this your art?

    I'm letting my hair gray, just about 5 percent of it right now, but I want to see what it looks like graying before I jump into the regular dye job process, bleh.

    1. Thanks Karen, it is my art, yes. I hand paint most of my headers. Nice to meet you :)

  3. Oh, I love all your fotos, but wish you'd shown your pretty face, too! I like the Delft.... don't think I would have thought to use it for handles! How blessed to live where you do! I went to NYC as a Senior in high school... would love to go again as an old lady! Happy weekend to you! 💜

  4. I love your photos...love your hair, so very pretty. I hope you have a beautiful Saturday.

  5. Another wonderful header...love the cat !
    So glad you share your artwork and photos...you have a good eye for design !
    More weird weather coming for us...rain,sun,SNOW !!!...and roller coaster temperatures...
    such strange times.
    Be well,safe and comfortable.my friend...

  6. Love your glass penquins - very pretty. Since I'm Dutch am familiar with Delft blue, and even though my daughters have lived in the States from their 12th and 4th year, they are collecting small Blue Delft items. Now, I like to see the front of your face with your new blond hair:) Thank you for visiting me!

    1. Blonde hair is original.. the white is new LOL! getting older.

  7. Love the blue Delft pieces. My mom collected a lot of blue stuff.

  8. I love your selfies...so funny...you do things a lot like I do...but you have more nerve that I to post them! LOL. Love your hair! Whatever it is, white, platinum, or just blonde, it looks lovely! So enjoy it! Love the delft blue handles, coffee grinder and other items. I have a lot of blue and white in my kitchen/dishes, but none are really what you'd call delft...just blue and white American...Currier and Ives. I love that shade of blue. Love seeing your famous anonymous kid...she's lovely...and now she's not so anonymous any more!! Congratulations to her for her college prospects! Love the NYC skyline. I also love that you live where you do...so you don't have to see the city all the time...just when you want to! Love your Penguins...and books. You didn't mention the plaid Scots book. It sounds interesting to me! I enjoyed your post...now tell me, are you going to write one of Toni's Creative Adventures? She has a new one up you know! I already wrote mine...and after last week's "encouragement" from you to do so, I do hope you will write one too. Maybe you already did and I haven't seen it yet? I'll be checking on you! LOL. I had such fun doing this. Take care and have a peaceful, blessed day my friend.

    1. I will absolutely be writing Toni's adventures. Have not missed one since she began :).
      Thanks for hair compliment :).
      I have posted a few photos of the Famous Anonymous who started out very anonymous lol.


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