January 25, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry


Looking out my window
It is sunny , cold and windy today.
I am thinking 
That I got up too early because of leg cramps.
Need to go back to bed a bit.

One of my favorite things:

watching Hercule Poirot

I am creating

I am painting more headers for the blog.

I am wearing
Have not gotten dressed yet 
because I am achy today.
I can't stand too many clothes at night 
and absolutely hate flannel pajamas,or nightgowns.
 I wear little shorts and a tee or tank top all year round.

I am reading / watching
YouTube documentaries on various subjects
Here is a recipe I was watching:

I am learning

That Feng Shui really works.

In my kitchen

Made waffles this morning.  
Hamburger salad for dinner tonight

In the school room

The Famous Anonymous Kid (18 now)
has  been accepted  at Rutgers, Columbia and a few others.
I went to Rutgers and Ohio U, so I am biased in preference.  😏

In my garden

4 large pine trees are falling down
and need serious attention.
Pond needs a new pump.

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  1. Sorry you are achy today. I hope you get some much needed rest. :)

  2. It's cold and windy here, too. It does mess with my fibro.
    Hercule is amazing! I really enjoy rereading all of his cases.
    I understand the PJ choice!
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your aches, it is so tough to deal with that kind of pain. I hope things get better for you tomorrow! Its hard to see our kids get old enough to go to college. Mine are both in college, and it has been a gradual transition, but still sad, yet happy, bittersweet I guess is the word. The onion pie looks interesting, although it wouldn't make it at my house as no one likes onions but me, lol. I can't wait to see the new headers for your blog, you are so talented, and I love looking at your headers, they are just amazing! Hugs to you today :)

  4. I enjoyed your journal today Annie but was sorry to hear that the body is aching. I can relate to that though I was thinking yesterday and today that my aches have been considerably less despite the cold and wondering why that is? I do hope that you will get some relief soon. Sometimes I find it's the weather or the foods we eat and even when we try to do all the right things to help ourselves sometimes nothing really works. Sending a pray up for you to find rest and relief. Hugs from Vancouver. xx

  5. Forgot to say "congratulations" to the kid. You must be very proud of her and I'm sure she will enjoy wherever she decides to enroll.

  6. I wear the same to bed, no heavy clothes for me neither. Congratulations to the kid, what high honors. smiles. Hope you have a beautiful Friday, friend. smiles

  7. Congratulations to the "famous anonymous kid" one of the 3 colleges she graduated from was Columbia. I just finished watching 6 series this past weekend of Hercule Poirot. Even though I own every one of them on DVD I've been watching on Roku's Britbox. Never could get enough of him. LOL! Next weekend with be all of Joan Hickson's Miss Marple. Have a day of blessings dear Annie.

  8. That Daybook is a wonderful way to connect with others .
    I Am Thinking...what a talented,kind,special friend we all have in YOU !
    Hoping your days are painless,peaceful and joy-filled...

  9. Praying for your aches to go away. Do you know what is causing the leg cramps? I am on a statin, and have to take CoQ10 to relieve cramping legs and aches. Not knowing your circumstances,Just wondering if this is something for you to consider? It has really helped me. Ask your Dr. Congratulations to your "anonymous" kid...sounds like a very bright future ahead! I wear a light, short nightgown, but wrap up in lots of covers to stay warm. But at least I can kick them off if I get too hot. Must be "the age"...although I am older than you I am sure...onion pie?> Hmmm, not too sure about that somehow...let us know how it is... I pray your day ended up better than it started and that you are feeling better now. Praying for a good night's rest tonight.

  10. Congratulations to the "famous anonymous kid"! Sounds like she will do well whenever she goes to collage.
    I am opposite. I love warm flannel pj's! I even have an electric mattress pad so I can heat my bed. I don't like to be cold when sleeping. Thankfully hormones , or lack of, never gave me problems.
    I love your pretty Delft kitchen pieces! Onion pie looks interesting,

    Hope you are feeling better, Annie!

  11. I love the quote from Hercule - hope you're feeling better


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