January 12, 2018

Winter Wonderland

P osting was light this week because there was so much going on.
Sunday was the Little's first double digit birthday. She was 10 years old!
I made macaroni and cheese (Her favorite) which by all accounts was the finest mac and cheese in the universe and we had pink frosted chocolate layer cake .
It was a hit and I will post the recipe tomorrow I think. Its rich and thick and so good.

But now it's time again to join with Debbie and friends for Foto Friends.

Temperatures were well below freezing for many days but warmed up a bit today. We will see how long that lasts, but probably not very long at all. I thought I'd show some photos of the Winter Wonderland that storms can create.

Snow fall on the bay. You can see the bay through the pine branches
Being by the ocean in the winter is icy at best. Especially when the bay freezes over as it did this past week. Now that is cold when salt water freezes my friends! But the icy wind is what gets you.  In the past people have walked on the bay and taken out ice boats with sails that slide across the ice.Too risky I say.

Peaceful view of the little pond through the front window

As if I am not surrounded by enough water, I have two ponds on the property: a tiny one out front and a big one in the back.The big evergreen tree was planted as a seed that I brought home from Lake Placid in New York state.

Another view of the little pond and the Lake Placid tree.
Night snow(click to enlarge)

A favorite view of mine.  click to enlarge to full size
I took the above photo a while ago in the evening around 8 PM or so and have used it as a header for the blog. I felt it needed more drama, however, so I painted in more dark clouds and a moon and a little moonlit trail on the water. Everything else, including the light paths on the water, was painted by nature and original in my photo.

 Snow is lovely as it falls at night.

click to enlarge full size
I like this night photo because the snow just sparkled as it was falling.

The two photos above show that there was almost a white out for a while. It got hard to see in front of you.  
Our power lines are not below ground by the ocean because the water table is too hight.

It is kind of fun to take photos from a moving car. This is the main road through town at 50mph.

Snow storms unveil a winter wonderland.
About 10 years ago or so I made a little cartoon self portrait that I thought I'd use today as a signature.


  1. Beautiful winter scenes, a winter wonderland for sure.


  2. Winter is my least favorite season. Driving in this nasty stuff makes me very nervous. I'd rather live in shorts, tshirts and flip flops. :)

  3. As much as I'm not a fan of winter, I do love looking at beautiful scenes of it. If I had a second choice of where to live after my home town I think I would pick yours. By the bay would be beautiful and peaceful right now. My favorite photo is the one you used as a header. Have a day of blessings my friend.

  4. Love all your photos Annie but I too don't like wind. I do like snow but not icy winds. I'm hoping you were mainly indoors staying warm and cosy and I'm very happy to hear the temperatures warmed up for you a bit. Those are awesome night photos you've taken. Very magical. Happy birthday to the little :-)

  5. Oh so lovely, from sitting here in my warm cozy house in Florida! I do love snow, but not when I have to drive in it. Your night photos are wonderful! Not sure how you did that... And I love the snow on your little pond and the lovely spruce from Lake Placid. Just lovely. All is beautiful there. Thank you for sharing it with us. You do live in a lovely place!!! And I love your header, as always. Have you thought about making calendars using your artwork? I wonder how you could do that...you have such nice paintings. Very talented lady!! Blessings today. Stay warm!!

  6. Just discoverd your blog - I live in Connecticut, have a little cottage on the water and live on a farm with my family and animals. Your photos and art are lovely - happy to follow along. Your header is beautiful, such a warm and inviting feel.

  7. Beautiful photos, Annie! I had to put a sweater on to view them! LOL Looks so cold there. Happy Birthday to the 10 year old. My birthday dinner when I was growing up was mac and cheese too. My mother would make an angel food cake, ice it with confectioner sugar icing and top with marachino (sp?) halves. Stay warm.

  8. I enjoyed your winter landscapes - especially like the thru-the-window shot with white border.

  9. Hi Annie!!
    Sorry I haven't visited in awhile. LOVE your pics!!! Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend. xo

  10. Hi Annie, love the winter pictures. I changed my blog to winter because that is the only way to have winter for me. We will be in the 80's tomorrow! I have all these winter clothes and can't wear them. Your little is the same age as my grandson. Have a happy Sunday!

  11. Beautiful snowy fotos. Snow by the ocean has to be very interesting. I always picture beaches as sunny and warm. Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to the cake recipe.


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