February 6, 2018

Managing the Closet

When I find interesting things I like to share them with friends. Sharon Danley is a very interesting woman with excellent advice on all kinds of things, especially makeup, wardrobe and yes, even life tips for people of all ages.
She has worked on Canada's CBC for major television programs and done the makeup  of countless famous people including Brian Mulroney former Prime Minister of Canada.
She also offers tips on how to make the most of your speaking voice.
 Here is a link to her YouTube  Channel.
I hope you will enjoy her videos as much as I do.

If you find it helpful, or if you put her ideas into practice, as I am going to, let me know, will you? Maybe even do a post about it if you are feeling


  1. The thing is, I wear pretty much everything, lol...ok, enough of the humor...I'll take a look at the video. Hope you have a beautiful week, smiles.

  2. I love how you always find such interesting things for us. I enjoyed her video very much. Your new header is amazing Annie. I just love your artwork. Have a day of blessings ahead my friend.


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