February 28, 2018

Wednesday Haiku #14

The wit and wisdom of Japanese Haiku teaches lessons to those willing to hear.
Often the best lessons are not taught with words.

 Letter and Spirit

My ears have found the sermon dull and stale...
but the woods outside?
the nightingale!"
     Haiku by Shiki

The Silent Rebuke

Angrily I returned.
Awaiting me
within my court,
the silent willow-tree.

   Haiku by Ryota


  1. There is something so quieting about the Willow tree. There are some on next door neighbor's property that I can see from my kitchen window. Lovely...both of these. Thank you for sharing, Annie.

  2. Ah, the nightingale...and a dull sermon...yep, been there, done that! I passed by a church yesterday that sits beside the river, and I thought to myself, "I would have a very difficult time paying attention to the sermon in that church! I would want to be looking outside the windows at the water and the sailboats sailing by, the birds flying to and fro..." Yes, that would never do for serious study for me! But I should never apologize for enjoying God's handiwork and lovely creation...He created it for us to enjoy! Love these thoughts today...very thought provoking...

  3. Hi Annie, love your header. The news is talking about a huge storm heading your way. Be safe. Hugs


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