March 5, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook for March 5th

For Today

Looking out my window

It was sunny for part of the day but then got  cloudy and another Nor Easter is on the way.
March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb!
There is a big crane in the photo. They are trying to rebuild our little island after hurricane Sandy. It is a long, slow process. No one has any money!

One of my favorite things

Is wearing sneakers.. red, white or navy.
These are nice but my flat sole black Pumas are my favs

I am creating 

Footprints in the ice cold sand
My little foot print made with shoes and without shoes to join in with the gulls!
The sand is ice cold!

I am wearing

Navy blue today, my hair is up in a ponytail

I am   listening to

 What else? CBS Mystery Theater with EG Marshall as host.
I  listen online. Love it so much.

I am thinking

About New Jersey accents. Accents are an interest of mine.
I am from South Jersey...

I am hoping

To get the ponds ready for summer
Both need new pumps.

In my kitchen 

  Fried Chicken for dinner tonight
I coat the chicken with flour, pepper, Parmesan cheese and garlic powder and onion powder and  fry in olive oil very slowly so it won't stick or burn.  It's really good!

Post Script

It is nice to light a candle to scent the evening.
This one is Blue Jeans by Yankee Candle 

I have a crush on Boston.. don't judge ;)

Shared Quote

And here is how it would go:
If I was tiny
as tiny can be,
I'd sleep on a marshmallow
Oh happy  me.
I'd snuggle on down 
in the usual way
and nibble the mattress
That's all I can say.
I am no Dorothy Parker but this will have to do.


  1. Annie, your header is so beautiful. I always enjoy reading your Daybook. Love the picture of the candle...and that fried chicken looks delicious! We actually had fried chicken as part of our meal when we ate out to celebrate our anniversary and hubby's birthday this evening. Believe it or not when Sandy went through here we were without power for a solid week. Electric companies from so many different states came to help out. But I can't imagine having lived where you live and all that it is taking to get back up and running again.

  2. Oh this was such fun!!! I got stuck listening to the Jersey accent video...My father in law was originally from Newark, NJ, and he had quite the accent. He married a true southern (Florida) gal, and she had quite the opposite accent. Their two sons have NO accent at all, even though raised in the south all their lives. My husband likes to talk "jersey" once in a while I think in loving memory of his dad. I'd love to hear your accent! Now, back to your post...the first picture about the "crane"...I was looking at the bird and wondering if it was like our Sand Hill Crane here...and then I saw the CRANE in the background. You can tell where my mind is. I was wondering how that bird was going to rebuild the island..especially with no money! Love your red sneakers! this must be the week to show off our shoes! You are much more daring than I. I just wear colorful socks...I don't own any red shoes! Maybe I should get some. You are brave to make footprints in the ice cold sand! Brr!! The Mystery theater sounds interesting. I love that you have ponds. I hope you can get the pumps. I'd love a pond on our own property, but with our sandy soil it would take a long time to fill it up. Plus the mosquitoes would have a heyday. I guess I'll stick with my little plastic pool for the bears...Now, that fried chicken looks yummy! I might have to try that recipe! What a great idea! Nothing wrong with loving Boston...and, what do "Blue Jeans" smell like? Now...that marshmallow pillow poem is adorable. I love it. You are very clever! I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Thank you for sharing your day with us. It was delightful!!

    1. My soil is just like yours.. Pine barren shore sandy soil 100%. When I see your photos of the soil in your yard it is identical to ours.
      My ponds have rubber liners which become natural ponds but I hit the water table very quickly here as I am really just a block from serious water.
      As for mosquitoes... the answer is frogs who take up natural residence and fish and a pump! Mosquitoes will not breed in moving water and if you add fish they are gone as quickly as they come!
      Mosquitoes need standing water and if its moving with a waterfall,etc they will not be there.
      Loved that you thought it was a crane bird lol. I do that a lot.
      ONce I had a job where I was unpacking "Giant" teeshirts. It was for the football team but I was thinking huge sizes!
      I said to my friend, these don't look so giant to me.
      The Blue Jeans scent is fresh and clean like very clean laundry I think. Its a wonderful scent.

    2. LOve the GIANT t-shirt story! I know I'd do that too. I'm glad the Blue Jean candle smells like CLEAN blue jeans...I've smelled some I wouldn't want to smell again, especially in a candle! LOL. Hot smelly jeans...LOL. I will have to check out the real candle. I'm sure it is delightful or you wouldn't be enjoying it so much!! You are right about the soil, pond issue, and the frogs. I wonder if I could convince hubby to let me have a pond. I so want to have waterfront property...and our CRANES love frogs...oh, but that would defeat the purpose of the frogs...Lol. I have enjoyed your post today, can you tell? Thank you for making me smile

  3. enjoyed your daybook! GOt to try that chicken recipe.
    Yes, it's very windy here today as well. I had forgotten the in like a lion out like lamb thing! That's wonderful!
    Have a great week!

  4. Wonderful post...covered many interesting subjects...
    love the mouse and her poem...and delighted the cursor leaves a trail of multi-colored sparkles !!!
    Clever lady !
    Be well

    1. Thank you, thank you.. now get back to bed.

  5. I love seeing your outdoor pics and your indoor pics too. So beautiful outdoors and so cosy indoors. Your red sneakers are a pretty pop of colour and your Parmesan Chicken sounds divine and stress free. I hope you are keeping warm and safe inside while the storm is raging outside. I hope too that your power doesn't go out. Hugs and have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

  6. I love your sneakers, need some pink ones of those or purple. I love your tablescape with the candle. Thanks for letting me stop by your page and hope to again some day.


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