March 26, 2018

The Destruction of the West

We banned alcohol in the 20s, and it worked out great... for the Mafia anyway. Bootleg liquor was a huge hit. As are black market drugs.
So what about drugs.  They're illegal but, people still use them ore than ever and 1000 people per week die from opioids brought into the US from, for example, Mexico.
How about banning cars because cars run people over and cause accidents to a far greater degree than any gun.
 37,461 died in 2017 from car accidents and millions were maimed. Want to ban cars?
What about prostitution? What do you want to ban to stop that?
Your chance of dying in a school shooting  is a 1 in  614,000,000.
There is an old saying, "Don't tear down a fence until you know why it was put up."
Learn what the amendments were designed for and why they were put in place before you decide to tear them apart.
We already have stringent guns laws in the USA. You cannot own an assault weapon, an automatic weapon, etc.
One kid asked what prevented her from getting nukes if she could buy a gun... Can you just hear the birds tweeting? I mean, I have no words...
Once one amendment is gone they will all go  in domino style and tyranny will rule.
These kids are being used and they are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame.
Meanwhile I would raise the voting age to 30 because what I am seeing from teens is disgraceful.

Guns are not the problem, morality is the problem. Deserting God is the problem.


  1. I totally agree with you. I pray that somehow we can stem the tide of this craziness before it is too late. Praying for our leaders has become a full time job...

    1. Yes, its a full time job. They are so awful lately.

  2. Oh how I want to wash out that young David Hogg's mouth with soap. Sweetie, they are indoctrinated in school with this nonsense, I see it each day. I totally agree with your post...and I might add, like I told one of these young folks last week, who were going to attend the march, "Sweetie, I am a law abiding citizen who has a gone through the background checks, I am fingerprinted and so on. If you think you are going to show up on my doorstep and take my guns, goods luck." That wasn't a threat, its a fact. If these punks think they are going to "have a movement" and take guns (and to be truthful, that is what it is about), they will see a rebellion like they have never seen before. We're not Australia, where they demanded and threatened the people with prison time, I just don't think law abiding citizens will allow such a thing. "Good luck on your movement," I told her.

    The young folks, they need a serious talking too...I blame the schools and the parents. Apparently, the parents are just as much as fault...sliding off the box now, wink.

  3. Annie, my friend, I couldn't agree with you more! Thank you for speaking out about this. You are so right when you say that these teens are being used and they are getting their 15 minutes of fame. I saw over the weekend where the march on DC last week along with the other protests was reminincient of the 60's-70's era...the Hippie movement. And where exactly did that get us? Our liberties are being taken away from us...or...are we giving them up?


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