March 2, 2018

Through the Year

Friday brings a  collection of photos for Friday Foto Friends on a stormy, windy day at the New Jersey shore.
Winds sound like a freight train passing on through.
The Famous Anonymous kid  has a tour of Rutgers U today. I went there myself. We are waiting to hear from Columbia U.  Her interview at Columbia went very well.
Hunter in NYC accepted her also but for her it is a choice between Rutgers and Columbia, both excellent schools. She wants to be a doctor like her grandfather so both have wonderful medical colleges.
Now, here is a small collection of photos taken throughout the seasons.
As always you can enlarge any photo to full size by clicking on it.

We are having a Nor'easter here at the Jersey shore.
Gale warnings are flying

Stormy clouds roll in while rain falls, winds howl

The picture on the little leather topped desk says it all.

On stormy days the kitchen is often the best place to be,
brewing fresh coffee or tea. A cheery apron brightens the day
Or, just stay in bed.....

Below, from autumn, a portrait of two neighbors of mine.

dockside regulars... these two characters are here every  day along with other regulars looking for a meal or a handout

And looking back: waiting for fireworks on the 4th of July...

Curls at sunset.. the Little's curls found their way into this sunset photo taken on the lagoon.
The open bay is to the right

Water color depends on the weather and the sky.
It was navy blue this day and clear to the bottom.

Winter skies can be so pretty.
Powdery pink sky in winter.
Trees are bare but cedars never fade

Looking across salt marsh

Spring begins to show her face on the salt marsh

Lastly, we look back at the depth of winter....

Blue and White snow storm, cold and deep
Sorry friends, but I will miss Winter!


  1. Sorry you will miss winter. Me, I'm a spring girl myself. Love to see green things pop out of the ground.

  2. The storm hit here, 15 inches of snow, numerous power outrages and such. The town/city is paralyzed and for the first ever, Suny Geneseo closed it's doors. I can't wait to hear which school the kid picks, smiles. Regardless of the weather, I hope you have a lovely day. PS is your area under evacuation?

  3. I too will miss winter, but we seldom get such beautiful snows here in Texas. Every few years maybe we get a good snow. Your photos are beautiful. Stay safe there. I read about the weather and thought of you.

  4. Love all your pictures throughout the year. There is beauty in every season if we just watch for it with open eyes and heart. Love your cheery apron... I agree, on cloudy, rainy, chilly days, the kitchen is the best place to be...or beside a fire with a good book and a cup of tea...I don't like to stay in bed. I might miss something!!! I hope you are safe and dry and plenty warm inside your cozy house. Praying for your daughter's college of choice to say YES!! Great things in store for her I am certain. Blessings to you today. Love the curls by the shore...

  5. Love your pics! They are so beautiful. No snow today? Brrr, here it is very cold. Nice apron! Are you using it every day: an apron?

  6. Hi Annie, How exciting to get to pick from to great schools! I graduated from UCI in 1977, a lifetime ago! What was your major? Calif. is experiencing our winter with weather in the low 50's and rain on the way. We never get snow here in the city. I am in no rush for winter to be over yet. We sure need rain and snow in the mountains. Stay warm this weekend. Hugs

  7. I will miss winter too! It is a time of quiet, reflection, beauty and refreshing. I love the softly falling snow, and the quietness of the snowfall. I enjoyed the beautiful pictures you shared of all the seasons you get to enjoy on the beach, just beautiful! The Lord has created such beauty everywhere for us to enjoy. Hoping you stay safe, warm and cozy in the nor'easter, and that your daughter finds just the right place to finish her education. Blessings to you sweet friend :)

  8. Love your pictures . On Florida we don’t have much winter to speak of to me . In my neck of the woods warmer weather means mosquitos . Grr... but i do love spring of the year . So glad you stopped by to visit .

  9. You live in such beautiful surroundings, Annie. I love the water...not so much to be in it, but to sit close by and listen to the waves roll in and out is so relaxing to me. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures and stay safe through this storm. We had high winds all through the night last night and into the morning this morning...with downpours of rain and a dusting of snow.

  10. Lovely photos. I would miss winter if I could keep warm enough. Instead I'll be glad to have sun and warmer temperatures as it will bring fewer drafts. I do like the quiet and silence of a snowy white day if I'm warm enough inside and outside (sorry to harp on warm, lol). I think with the storm outside you will feel nice and cosy inside.

  11. I've mentioned before what a beautiful part of the country you live in. Sounds like the best thing to do with the weather y'all are getting is to just stay indoors where it's warm with a good book and a cup of coffee! Thanks so much for sharing all of your lovely photos. Hope you have a great weekend... Stay safe and warm.

  12. Good Morning !
    The sun is shining,but those winds are still howling ! So glad no trees came down and there was no loss of power surrounded by an elderly,fragile population,with no way to keep warm without electricity.
    Your photos are by the water is such a comfort !
    Be warm and well,my friend and best wishes for happiness and success for The Famous Anonymous Kid !

  13. Been having a problem with wifi here the past few days, Thank goodness all seems well now. Love your indoor outdoor photos. Wonderful about the "kid", those are great college choices. Have a day of blessings dear Annie. Love the header of yours.

  14. Oh Annie.... it's so beautiful where you live... in any season. I will miss winter too though.

    Good luck to the anonymous kid!

    love to you,


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