March 28, 2018

Wednesday Haiku # 18


             Evening Excavations

At dawn my violets grew aslant; a hole! 
tunneled underneath them by a mole!
 ~~Nozawa Bonchō (野沢 凡兆)

       In a Temple Garden

The Old Green Pond is silent.
 Here, the hop of a frog
plumbs the evening silence: Plop!


The downpour prickles on the pond,so sharp
it hits the heads of shallow floating carp.

Winter's end
  Epitome of Spring

Glimpsed through a crevice in
the garden fence,
one white flower is spring's


 All Heaven and Earth Flowered white obliterate...
Snow...unceasing snow
               ~~ Hashin


  1. I enjoyed your Wednesday Haiku posting always, Annie. The picture with In A Temple Garden is a great catch of the frog in the pond! All of your pictures were so peaceful.

  2. Love this Wednesday Haiku Post Annie. Like Dianna says all the photos are peaceful. Thank you for sharing my friend. Have a blessed evening.

  3. Thank you for sharing the beauty around us , in so many of its forms !
    Be well,my friend !

  4. This was such a relaxing post... I lived in Japan for many years and can appreciate reverent love of nature .The Haiku's really reminded me of the beauty that is about to spring up around us soon ... and such beautiful photos.. Thank you for sharing the love of nature so eloquently....Have a Happy easter

  5. I enjoy your Haiku so much. They always make me stop and ponder these things...and your pictures help me to understand them more fully. So lovely and peaceful today. Thank you.


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