March 7, 2018

Wednesday Haiku #15

headed out to the bay


Winter Goose

 "The goose surfaced:
Its astonished eyes
Fresh from the world that underwater lies."
haiku by Joso.


"Now,long ago there lived a wicked witch!"
The withered pampas grass began to twitch....
Haiku  by Issa

I took the photo but painted in the ducks

By the Sea

Over foam-flecked waves
in the falling night,
The wild ducks' cries are dying,
dim and white.
haiku by basho

Click photos to see full sized.

Here on the very edge of the middle Atlantic, USA, weather is cold, rainy/snowy with lightning and loud thunder, high winds that knocked down my trellis today.
Wicked cold from the high winds.


  1. I love the imagery these Haiku poems bring to my mind. And your pictures go right along with them so well. I love that you share these with us. I haven't thought about Haiku since I was in school...and they are fun, aren't they? So unique in their design and pattern of thought. Makes me stop and think. That's always a good thing!

    1. I love Haiku. It is peaceful and important I think. I received a book of Haiku from my sister called "A Net of Fireflies". It is one of the most beautiful books I own. Double pages, beautiful Japanese brush paintings and age old haikus by the masters.

  2. I alway enjoy these Wednesday posts, Annie. Your photos go right along with them. :)

  3. Wednesday Haiku on Thursday :
    "Home from hospital
    Grateful for all kindnesses,
    Prayers of a good friend "

  4. Lovely photos and awesome words to go with them.


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