April 4, 2018

A Night at Pinot's Palette

We went to Pinot's Palette last night and had one of the best times we've ever had!

Pinot's Palette is a place where you bring your own bottle of wine or travel mug of coffee (if you wish) and paint pictures in acrylics. Easels are set up with canvas, brushes, palettes of paint, a cup of water and paper towels. You sit in a nice comfortable stool and an art teacher leads you from beginning to end in making a lovely painting.  
You get an apron to cover your clothes and you can bring snacks and wine or coffee, etc as you please. They provide glassware for wine and ice if you wish.
I had nothing but of the people some were having wine.  There were many couples there.
The staff is friendly and super helpful.
Everyone and I mean everyone, walked out with a nice piece of art work they can be proud of!
They make it fun and easy and if you try it you will not regret it.
Prices vary from around $20 to $35 depending on the picture being done. This covers supplies which, if bought on your own would run more and you are there for over 2 hours.  All in all its a great deal and I will be going back again.
I had my art framed (extra $35)and will hang it up as a first Pinot attempt.
Here is the picture you are given to paint:

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Looks intimidating if you  never painted, but I promise you, whoever you, are you will end up with a nice picture. Most in the class never held a brush in their life and they ended up doing nicely.
 No, this isn't a paid ad. I just really enjoyed last night and wanted to share it with you all.
You know they even do parties and birthday events. Honestly we just loved it so much.
If you hate painting..don't bother but if you always wanted to try it this is the way to do it.
We talked about it the whole way home.


  1. Wow! That is an amazing painting...but you are a pro!! I don't think mine would have looked anything like that. But it would have been fun trying! I would love to do something like that (don't need the wine, however...tea would be delightful for me!) I live too far out in the boonies for anything like that...but it is tempting to try and find a daytime group...That sounds like such fun, and really, the price doesn't sound bad at all!! Thank you for sharing this with us. I love your painting...

  2. Beautiful!! I have to tell you, I was pretty intimidated when I started my History in Watercolor class, but, now, I just love it...wish I could take more art classes, alias, can not. sigh. BUT I will continue on painting, love it...and its very relaxing, smiles.

  3. So glad you were out and about !
    This sounds like a wonderful treat !
    Be well,my friend...

  4. How fun! I hope you will share your finished project with us! I'm glad you were able to be out and have fun, my friend!

  5. I don't paint but I've always wanted to. This kind of night sounds very appealing.


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