April 20, 2018

Raindrops and Sundry Other Things

Rain,wind and chill were the hallmarks of this week.
Even an evening of freezing temperatures here in April.
Friday has come at last after a busy week of organizing each room of the house as I do each year.
I am not quite done as it takes me longer than most people but soon everything will be weeded out and sorted through , neatened up and refreshed.
The following photos are all taken by me on my Canon Power shot and I am participating in Friday
Foto Friends as I do each week. I really enjoy it and I hope you will join in as well. You can enlarge any photo by clicking on it.

Raindrops on the bay

Raindrops  and lightning illuminated by street lamp

And raindrops on the big pond

Spring Rain makes bubbles in the little pond

A frosty  kitchen window

Summer ,The Salt pond

Canadian tourists love the Jersey Shore

Evening glow

Sky over the water

Salt Marsh. I love when the water is purple from the sky.
Bay shoreline, clean and clear. I saw a  teeny tiny baby shark here once.Cute as a bug.

April sky with a touch of yellow from the sun

The frozen waterfall on the big pond. From my other Blog, "A Passing Storm"


  1. Beautiful evening glow. I love that photo (also the others, Annie). Without rain the flowers can't bloom. So there's hope for your area...

  2. Seems the weather is crazy all across the country making for a very interesting April! 💜 all your fotos today! You're so industrious to clean out each room and keep with it. I started off strong doing that but it fizzled out.... My energy, I mean! ☺ Hope you have a great weekend

  3. Ok, Annie, it has been decided that I am moving in, rofl. Beautiful photos, my friend. I am tired of discussing the crazy weather, yesterday it was freezing rain, snow and very windy. Just so crazy.

    Hope you have a lovely Friday friend. smiles

  4. P.S. I just the new look here, smiles.

  5. Love all the beauty surrounding you, even in the rain. Loved that night photo showing the lightning! And the last one, frozen waterfall on the pond..that is perfect. I do hope spring is going to finally reach you and that you will soon be able to enjoy warmer days. You amaze me with your cleaning/organizing every room of the house routine. I need to do that but just haven't had the energy or drive yet. You inspire me to at least get started. Not sure how far I'll get...this is a big, busy, very full house. One thing at a time. Oh, I love your violets and daffodils on the windowsill. I have violets on my sunporch windowsill, but right now they are taking a break from blooming. Hopefully it is only temporary. I repotted them not too long ago into special pots that water from the bottom, and they seem to be adjusting. Have a glorious day my friend. Always finding beauty here...

  6. Lovely photos, Annie. I love to see all the beauty your area and home have!

  7. So many beautiful photos today, Annie. My all time favorite though is the one of the fish in the pond where it is raining! Love that one!

  8. Your photos are the highlight of the day !
    Love the one of your Canadian tourists enjoying our local high life .
    The tourists here are of the whitetail variety,who are anxiously awaiting the annual planting of what they see as Katy's Salad Bar ! Silly me ! Here I thought I was investing hard-earned money in a lovely flower garden !!!
    Have a marvelous day,my friend !
    Be well...

  9. Very nice collection but I'm drawn to the window sill of violets. I do love them.

  10. I love all your photos Annie. Especially of all the flowers and greenery in your window. They look so pretty and Spring-like. I too am cleaning room by room but I am very slow compared to you. It will be some time yet before I've finished but it sure it nice to get the dust bunnies out of the corners! Happy week ahead.

  11. Very beautiful photos, Annie! The place where you live is absolutely breathtaking! I love the way your pictures beautify raindrops! I wish you a happy weekend. Sandrine


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