April 18, 2018

Wednesday Haiku #20

Listen with the heart. Haiku will paint its own pictures.

                           The Well

Around the bucket, morning glories cling;
I beg for water at another spring. 

With Every Breeze
The lespedeza blossoms
dip and sway,
Yet never spill the dew drops 
from their spray

The Gate

Through morning mists
and murmurs from the sea,
Emerges-- one vermillion torii!


The Meteor

Just as that firefly,
glowing on a spray
Of leaves,dropped
 --it suddenly shot away!


How still it is!
The belfry's vibrant boom
Does not so much as
stir the cherry-blooms.



  1. Good Morning,my friend !
    So nice to start the day with your posts !
    It is wonderful the way you combine the Haiku with art to make a complete package -
    each enhancing the other . Thank you !
    Be well...

  2. I love the Haiku's. I just adore your header, Annie... hope you have a lovely day friend.

    1. Thanks Linda. I made that drawing years ago for another blog and I like it a lot myself.:)

  3. The well...that is the one that spoke to me today. I'm not certain why exactly because all of them are good, but that one just speaks to me more. I hope you've had a good day today, dear Annie.

    1. I really think this is one haiku that speaks of unselfishness and the willingness to suffer want so as not to disturb the beauty of a situation. It is a distinct Japanese trait and very laudable I think.

  4. Thank you for your explanation above regarding the well story/haiku. That helped me to more fully understand it and appreciate it's beauty and simplicity...yes, I loved that one too. But they were all wonderful...love the firefly! They are such unique little characters...we don't see them often here...you have to be watching at just the right time, and when I do see one, I am so thrilled and amazed. One of God's magnificent little creatures.


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