April 25, 2018

Wednesday Haiku #21

Wednesday seems to have become my day for Haiku, which I like so much.
I hope that posting some haiku increases your desire to learn more about it and to read it for yourself.

In Old Kyoto

The geisha flirt their fans;
their sashes trail;
Like goldfish undulating fins and tails.

Deep Reflection
 Patiently fishing in the lake, the crane's
Long red legs have shortened since the rains.
                                    Matsuo  Basho (1644-94)

Midsummer  Vigil

Dawn already, after the shortest night,                         
Has dimmed the harbour lanterns, still alight.
                                      Masaoka  Shiki         

World of Dew

These worlds of dew, minute, translucent, bright
Do not discriminate where they alight.
                            Nishiyama Soin (1605-1682)

all images from Pixabay 


  1. I love reading these each week with you. Thank you for stimulating my literary world...I actually checked out "The Hobbit" at the library this past week, and just finished reading it last night!! Loved it...quite a tale. Now I think I will check out "The Lord of the Rings" so I can continue the journey!! Very interesting reading and it kept me on my toes as I followed the story and all the little songs and poems throughout. Good brain stimulus. So thank you for your inspiration!!!

    1. That's wonderful! I am happy to hear that people enjoy the posts or that they encourage people to read and explore :).

  2. Love it Annie...hope you have a beautiful day, friend...pouring rain here.

    1. Rainy day here also Linda. I wonder if your town is a mini climate area like around Thompson, Pa. There is a little place there with it's own climate because of the mountains etc. I know about it because of a cookbook I own by Susan Wyler(Cooking from a Country Farmhouse) who lived in Starrucca, Pa up near NY border. It has a micro-climate which makes it frigid in winter and cooler in summer.
      By the way the cookbook is wonderful!

  3. I so enjoy your posts,especially the Haiku...where words wed with photos to gift a complete picture .
    Rainy day here...
    reluctant to start the busy day ahead...there's a warm kitty curled at my back in this chair !
    Be safe,well and warm today,my friend !

    1. I know you don't like chilly damp weather, so its great she is keeping you warm for now. Hope the day isn't too long.

  4. World of Dew...they "Do not discriminate where they alight." Love that...and the picture is beautiful.

    I also really enjoyed Midsummer Vigil. The words and the picture go so well together.

    Thank you for sharing with us, Annie.

    1. I am happy you enjoy them. I find a lot of wisdom and good sense in them and an appreciation for simple things.


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